Special Costume Sync Pair Jasmine and Celesteela moves in Pokémon Masters EX

One of the best defensive kit in the game.

Image via DeNa

Pokémon Masters EX has revealed four new Sync Pairs that are coming to the game. The Sync Pairs will be part of the Poke’ War, where two factions will go head-to-head in a costume battle. In the guide, we break down Jasmine and Celesteela’s kit and if it is worth pulling for the unit.

Jasmine and Celesteela moveset

Jasmine and Celesteela come with three passive skills:

  • Team Sharp Entry 1: Upon entering the battle, increases the Critical-Hit Rate of all allied Sync Pairs by one rank.
  • Group Morale Boost 9: Whenever the user’s trainer uses a move, it increases the Sp. Atk Rate of all allied Sync Pairs by one rank.
  • Safety Net: Upon using the Sync Move, all allied Sync Pairs get an Endurance buff. 

Jasmine and Celesteela moves are as follows:

  • Absorb (1-gauge move): Deals damage between 19-22. This move restores the user’s HP in proportion to the amount of damage dealt to the target.
  • X Regen All (2 usages): Activates a buff that gradually heals every allied Sync Pair.
  • Flash Cannon (3-gauge move): Deals damage between 99-118 and has a 10% chance of lowering the target’s Sp. Def by one rank.
  • Steel Yourselves (2 usages): Increases the Sp. Def of allied Sync Pairs by three ranks. Furthermore, it increases everyone’s Critical-Hit Rate by one rank.
  • Iron Will Steal Beam (Sync Move): Deals damage between 250-300.

Should you pull for Jasmine and Celesteela

Jasmine and Celesteela seem like well-rounded Sync Pair at first glance. It has high defensive stats that make it ideal for absorbing damage. Furthermore, it can raise defensive stats and Critical-Hit Rate, which is always beneficial. Lastly, support units that are Sp. Attackers are rare, so it might be worth summoning on Jasmine and Celesteela’s banner.