Financial Shock | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough | Defeat The Shocker Boss

 Financial Shock | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough | Defeat The Shocker Boss

In the cutscene that appears after the end of previous mission Don’t Touch The Art, next there will be a few short missions like A Shocking Comeback where you will chase and catch Shocker. You will meet Martin Li and investigate about a Mask in the next main mission The Mask, and you will visit Dr.Octavius where you will meet Norman Osborn. It will end with a cutscene, in the next main mission Harry’s Passion Project you will unlock Research Station and in the last main mission in this walkthrough Financial Shock, you will fight with the boss – Shocker.

Financial Shock Walkthrough

A Shocking Comeback Walkthrough

You will face Shocker but there won’t be any boss fight, you will just chase him down and tie him.

Track down Shocker

Yuri will call and you will get a info on Shocker. Follow the marker. Keep playing the side objectives of collecting landmark tokens, crime tokens, and backpack. This will help you to earn extra XP as well you can use from crafting. As you progress there will be stronger enemies and you will need an upgraded suite, gears and new skills.

Follow the Shocker first, and then you will be fighting with him. Look for the triangle key once it flashed press it to catch him. There will be a second sequence of chasing Herman. Watch for the attack once you see a white flashing circle don’t stay in the range of attack. Dodge left or right. Once again you will see the triangle screen press it to catch him.

In the cutscene, you will see Spider-Man is able to catch him in the end. This completes the mission. You will earn 2500XP, Level 8 & 1 Skill point.

The Mask Walkthrough

The previous objective was all about chasing and stopping Shocker. Once done you can play a few side missions or you can continue with the main story with a question The Mask.

Head To F.E.A.S.T

Once you reach the point you will be playing as Peter Parker. The next marker will take you to Martin Li’s office upstairs. Walk straight inside and take the Exit door. There is another exit in the right corner that will take you stairs on the left. Go up, and you will find Li. The discussion will not reveal much, go outside. This completes this shot mission that will reward you 1500XP, Level Up 9 and Skill point.

Day To Remember Walkthrough

A short mission where you have to meet Dr.Octavius and you will found the closing of his lab.

Head to Otto’s lab

You will get a call from Dr.Octavius to go to his lab. You will switch to Peter Parker. There will be a cutscene, where you will see Norman Osborn shutting down the lab. The mission is over after the cutscene, you will earn 250XP.

Harry’s Passion Project Walkthrough

In this another short mission, you will be locating a Research Station and taking samples of contamination in the city.

Go to Research Station

Go to the research station, you will get a voice mail from Harry. This will unlock Research Stations in the map that will offer you to earn Research Tokens. Interact with the screen and to help harry.

Snapping up Smog

Next, you will see a few yellow icons with an exclamation mark on them. You will have to collect contaminants. Once you pass through three clouds, you will see a lot of. You have to pass through each of them, to collect around 8 Samples. Now go to the blue markers and click photos of the sources. this will complete the objective Snapping the Smog.

Financial Shock Walkthrough

In this part you will be facing the second boss of the Spider-Man game, Shocker he is more powerful than before.

Stop Shocker at the bank

Yuri will inform you that Shocker has escaped and robbing a bank. Follow the marker, and you will spot Shocker. This time he is a lot more stronger than before.

Defeat Shocker – Boss Fight

Shocker is a tough boss, his attack patterns are lethal. During the beginning of the fight, he will summon a shield around himself, that is the flash charge, he will then release two attacks. First directly towards you a huge flash discharge and second he will come in full speed towards you. Your web attacks won’t work here much. Let him attack and dodge it. Then Shocker will pause for a moment, use a object around and throw it on him. It will stun him for a while, you will see a triangle key on his head, that is the time you can attack him with some combos.

Attack a few times and run away as soon as you see the shield around him. Just go far and try finding a object to throw it on him. This will once again stun him and you have a chance to attack him. This will be the first phase of the fight. In the cutscene you will see after getting tied up he breaks the web and is free once again.

You are now in the second phase of the fight he will release a more powerful attack on you. You will see the flash charge over him, a giant orb and after some second he will release it in your direction. All you need to do is dodge it, don’t try to attack it. he will also release shockwave on the ground with pretty big radius. So staying in the air is pretty safe. Find a debris round and throw it on the shocker. Attack a few time and run away as soon as you see the flash orb around him.

Stay on the ground for him to bash into you, dodge it and then you get the chance to hit him. The fight will continue in the same way, the core of this battle is to dodge his attacks and throw a object on him. So that you can stun him and attack. After a few attack, you will enter into the third and final phase of the fight.

Financial Shock Walkthrough

in the final phase of the fight, he will speed up his attacks. You have to be quick here. He will get tired and hold for a while, after every three attacks he will wait for a while. To defeat him you have to pull down the ceiling over his head. Look for the broken hanging columns, pull them down. Pull only when Shocker pause for a moment, you will need to pull two of them.

Defeating him completes the chapter and you will earn 2500XP and a skill point, you will also see the list of main villains on the left corner of the screen. After talking to Yuri the chapter is over. You can read our walkthrough on the next main mission Wheels within Wheels.

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