Wheels Within Wheels | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

Wheels Within Wheels Walkthrough

After defeating Shocker in the previous chapter Financial Shock, in this mission Wheels Within Wheels, you will be fighting with lots of Fisk's men in the shipyard. There are few short junction box puzzles, and later you will fight with a group of Demons who are bit stronger enemies than the regular one. You will get help from a cop.

Wheels Within Wheels Walkthrough

Wheels Within Wheels Walkthrough

At the shipyard, you have to be in stealth mode, and later you will be locating a secret vault that will be looted by Demons.

Check out The Shipyard

Yuri will tell you about a shipyard, in the cutscene you will see Fisk's guards are talking about Demons are robbing caches. The first thing you will have to do is play in stealth mode and take down Fisk's guard one by one. You can easily spot the red lines, the range of snipers. Walk over the roofs to take down the sniper one by one. Some Snipers have guards around them, shoot web to distract the guard and then attack the sniper. Clear up all snipers first.

Wheels Within Wheels Walkthrough

After taking down all the snipers focus on the one below. There will lots of guard, once you scan you can get their locations marked in red. This will take time, here your upgraded gears will help you. A police officer will arrive on the Shipyard which will trigger a cutscene.

Find Another Way In

To enter the warehouse, go on the roof and on the back you will find a small vent. Go inside and walk on the metal truss, go down and on the right of the door you will see a junction with three red lights. Take the stun gun and craft Electric Web. Press L2 and shoot on the junction box. The cop will tell you to look for a junction box. There will be two junction box on your right side, one on the below level and second on the upper. Shoot the electric web on the upper level that will trigger another short cutscene.

Search for more scrapes

Wheels Within Wheels Walkthrough

Go to the right end of the broken ship, on the upper level you will find a red container with a mark on the floor. Officer will follow you, help him to come up by pulling the wheel above the elevator. Follow him to the container and he will ask you to search the Junction box. It is located on the end of the warehouse on the roof below a fan. Just follow the yellow line on the roof, it will take you straight to the box. Go down to the lower level, on the left end of the warehouse, behind the lift area on the left of the door you will find the box. Use the wheel to pull the lift up and then activate it. Lift door and then crawl through the wall. Pull the debris in the way  to make way and then crawl through the roof.

Stop the masked gang from escaping

Investigate the area and go to the end on the right you will find a door. Next will be your fight with the group of Demons. They are having pretty strong weapons, and they can shoot explosives on you. More will join the party, follow the truck next. While the following watch out for the missile attack. Once you are near enough you can land on the trucks roof. Dodge the gun attacks, to trigger a finisher move and stop the gang. After the crash press the L key to stop the tanker and pull it back on the road from train tracks.

This completes the chapter Wheels Within Wheels, you will earn 2500XP, Level upgrade to 12 and a Skill point. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Home Sweet Home to continue with Spider-Man, or you can also go through our Marvel's Spider-Man Wiki guide for more updates on the game.

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