Spy Ring quest guide – Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

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Image via TaleWorlds Entertainment

The Spy Ring is a quest that you get from a noble in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. It seems to show up randomly in games, with no specific noble that you need to find or talk to to get it. Before we get into the steps that we know, you should be aware that this quest is causing a lot of heartache in the community. Some people struggle to get it completed, and this could be down to some bugs, due to the early access nature of the game.

For this quest, you need to discover a spy who is working to undermine the rule of the Lord, who gives you the quest. The only thing known about the spy is that they will be entering a tournament.

What you will need to do is talk to as many people as possible in the town until you get three clues. This appears to be RNG, so we would suggest heading to the tavern and talking to as many people there as you can, which will hopefully get you all three clues. If not, you will need to wander the streets in search of people to talk to.

There will be three clues in total, that will give you a rough indicator of who you are looking for. When you have all three clues, wander the town and hold Left Alt. This will highlight three areas that three different gangs hang out in. The spy you seek will be in one of those gangs.

Now, some people are reporting that the clues are incorrect and that you cannot identify the person you are looking for from them. A popular issue seems to be a clue saying that the spy is not bald, only one of the three possible spies having hair, but still not being the actual spy when you confront them.

When you feel happy with your choice about who the spy is, you need to talk to them and get them to duel you. What should happen is that you kill the spy, and the quest is complete. If you pick the wrong person, it will go down as a murder instead, and the mission will be failed.

It is a pretty buggy quest right now, according to various player reports, so it might be better to ignore it if it pops up in your game. We played through the mission, but had similar issues to other players, with confusing clues and a murder accusation at the end.

We will make sure to keep an eye on future patch notes and update this article with any additional information that is revealed, or fixes that might come along.