Starfield Background Checks: Should You Do Nyx’s Favor With Camden Cho’s Computer?

Nyx has an additional favor to ask you during the Background Checks mission in Starfield, but should you ignore him?

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Ryujin needs you to figure out who the mole is at their company in Starfield. When you meet up with their contact, Nyx, during the Background Checks mission, he will give you the program you need to figure out these details. However, he has a request for you, if you’d rather not spend any credits to purchase the program.

Nyx will have a favor for you while you’re exploring Ryujin Tower. He wants you to go to Camden Cho’s computer and plant the same virus on their computer. He doesn’t share why he’s doing it, but you won’t have to pay for the slate. Should you do Nyx’s Favor on Camden Cho’s computer in Starfield?

What Happens When You Accept Nyx’s Favor in Starfield?

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Should you accept Nyx’s Favor during the Background Checks mission in Starfield, you’ll have to make a certain detour to Camden Cho’s computer during the mission. You’ll be able to find the computer on the highest floor shortly after you’ve made your way to the secret entrance of the facility.

When you arrive on this floor, proceed down the hallway to a hatch where you can wiggle into the ventilation system, bypassing several guards. You’ll then hop down into a hallway, but before you proceed too far, there is a locked door on the right side of the hallway that you can unlock using your Security perk and a Digipick.

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After you get inside, you’ll find Camden’s computer, and you can plant the virus for Nyx, completing this portion of the Starfield mission, and then you can work your way into the building to learn who the mole could be.

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What Happens When You Don’t Accept Nyx’s Favor in Starfield?

If you don’t choose to go with Nyx’s favor, the rest of the Background Checks mission should continue as you would expect, from start to finish. You’ll still have to investigate Ryujin Tower, avoiding the guards and narrowly making it past them with your Starfield character. Thankfully, you don’t have to make the detour to Camden’s computer during the mission.

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When you return to Nyx, he won’t comment on you not accepting his favor. You’ll be able to continue the mission as usual and continue to the next objectives for Ryujin Industries and the rest of this storyline with your character in Starfield.

What’s The Best Choice During Background Checks in Starfield?

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In my experience, the choice between accepting Nyx’s Favor feels relatively minor. He doesn’t want to do too much with the information, but he does hint to your Starfield character that he’s basically doing to Ryujin what they’d do to any other competitors. Although he doesn’t comment at the end of the mission if you completed the task or not for him, it does feel like this could have some drawbacks to the overall end of the Ryujin Industries missions, if you’re trying to get on their good side.

I would advise against giving Nyx access to Camden’s computer if you can help it, but if you’d rather stick one to Ryujin and save a few credits, it doesn’t hurt to accept his offer. My Starfield character did accept the alternative and received the same rewards at the end of the mission, but didn’t have to pay for the virus.