Starfield Complete Guide – Quest, Lore, Story & Trailers

Everything fans need to know about Starfield, from assistance with puzzles and quests through to the game’s lore and overarching story.

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Starfield is Bethesda’s finest foray into space to date. It’s a sci-fi RPG that redefines the genre and offers fans hundreds of hours of potential gameplay time in which to lose themselves with a title that they’ll look back on fondly for the rest of their lives.

The game is colossal, with many secrets, quests, side activities, pieces of lore, aliens, and so much more to see. In this article, we’ve collected together the most important information Starfield fans need. Below, players will find everything they need to sate their thirst for knowledge on the game, guides, and so much more.

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Starfield Gameplay Guides

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The following guides are designed to help players with various aspects of Starfield’s gameplay, giving them a better understanding of in-game systems they might not understand right away.

Starfield Quest Guides

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These guides will all help players through tough or decisive moments in Starfield’s quests. There are many choices to be made and challenging puzzles in quests, and players will find every solution or assistance for decisions here.

Starfield Puzzle Guides

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While most puzzles in Starfield are linked to quests, there are a few players can encounter that don’t have a quest attached to them. For those puzzles, we’ve provided a few helpful guides below.

Starfield Ship Guides

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Ships are a huge part of Starfield, and there are many systems players will need to master to make the most of them. Below, we’ve listed every guide we have for those systems to help players get their heads around everything, from flying to stealing with the best pirates in the universe.

Starfield Points of Interest Guides

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Since Starfield is a Bethesda game, players have dozens of points of interest and secrets to uncover. These are notoriously difficult to discover and unlock, which is why we’ve put together guides for as many as we’ve encountered.

What Platforms is Starfield Available on

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Starfield is only available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. While some old interviews have suggested that the game may one day come to PS5, it’s impossible to say if this will ever happen. The games industry has undergone many changes over the past few years, and Sony and Microsoft seem more at odds than they have been for a long time in 2023. Still, withholding Starfield from PlayStation platforms will prevent the game from reaching its true sales potential.

Is Starfield on Game Pass

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Yes, Starfield is available on Game Pass. All subscribers can play the title from September 6, 2023. However, if they purchase the Premium Edition upgrade, which only costs as much as the Premium Edition of Starfield minus the cost of the base game, then they can play during the early access period. Given that almost every other Bethesda game is on Game Pass, Starfield will unlikely be removed from the service, so players don’t need to worry about missing it.

What is the Release Date for Starfield

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Starfield launched in early access for players who purchased the Premium Edition on September 1, 2023. The game’s official release date is September 6, 2023, meaning some fans have five entire days to play the game before it comes to Game Pass, and everyone else can get their hands on it.

All Trailers for Starfield

The following section contains every trailer released for Starfield. This is where fans can look back at what made the build-up to the game’s launch so exciting.

The Starfield Space Camp Trailer dives into the real life science behind the world of Starfield.

The Settled Systems trailers all explored a different portion of the Starfield universe to give fans an idea of what to expect when they dive into the title.

The Live Action trailer for Starfield is like nothing else. It’s a transformation of the game’s concepts into what looks like real life, and it’s amazing.

The official gameplay reveal trailer was a true moment in history, the first glimpse of what players would be doing in this vast universe.

In this behind the scenes video, fans were invited to check out some of the most exciting features about Starfield, such as Vasco.

The Announcement Trailer was the first teaser for Starfield, and fans were excited for the title from that moment forward.