Starfield Breaking the Bank: Should You Kill or Spare Larry Dumbrosky?

You can choose to take out Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield, or you can make the decision to talk to him about working with you.

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During the Breaking the Bank mission in Starfield, your primary target is Larry Dumbrosky. He’s a GalBank executive who can give you access to some of the best information hidden away by GalBank if you play your cards right. But there’s a catch. It’s encouraged by everyone that you don’t eliminate him and instead find some other way to steal his credentials.

There are several ways you can go about it, but there’s always the option to take him out for the Crimson Fleet. There are some drawbacks to this plan, but it’s more direct than having to find a way to convince him to give you his credentials. Should you kill or spare Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield?

What Happens if You Kill Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield

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When I finally cornered Larry in his room, it was a simple matter of choosing to take him out. It’s important to note that there are aggression sensors throughout the entire ship, the Spire of the Stars, and the moment you start fighting him, the entire ship is alerted. When I hit Larry with the first attack, everyone else on the ship began to track down my Starfield character and began attacking him. I had to deal with the guards, the Trident staff, several key characters, and anyone who could wield a gun.

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It was madness trying to get back to my ship and depart back to the Crimson Fleet. When I got back, Evgeny Rokov was waiting for me and remarked about my Starfield character’s style, and while it might not have been the best way, I did get the job done. However, when I made my way to the GalBank on New Atlantis, Ecliptic Mercs were waiting for me inside the archive, which means GalBank found out pretty quickly what was happening, and is looking to take me out, given how handled things on the Spire.

Finally, when I arrived back in the Kyrx system after the mission, Delgado wanted to talk to me about the mission but had not mentioned I handled things on the Spire during my Starfield playthrough. He didn’t care if it was a bloodbath but was more interested in getting the data about the ship, the Legacy.

I can say that choosing this option is likely the worst outcome. Although you gain a good amount of experience and loot for taking out the guards protecting this ship in Starfield, you’ll waste a lot of resources trying to stay alive.

What Happens if You Spare Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield

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When you choose to spare Larry Dumbrosky while on the Spire, rather than attacking or trying to kill him, things go a lot smoother for your playthrough. There’s really only one way to do this, in my experience. You have to go through the same process you would traditionally to speak with Dumbrosky, where you shake down Klaudia and Vera, asking them about Dumbrosky’s history. Your Starfield character will be able to learn that they’re running a scheme together, and Dumbrosky and Klaudia are having an affair.

After you gain the necessary evidence to meet with Dumbrosky, all you have to do is offer him the evidence, and he’ll gladly hand over the information you need without a fuss. Your Starfield character can leave the ship, and they can continue the rest of the mission without any further trouble.

Although I kept things quiet and simple with Dumbrosky and never took him out in this playthrough, Ecliptic Mercs still showed up in the GalBank archives. They were still waiting for my Starfield character when I arrived, and I made short work of them.

Should You Kill or Spare Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield?

When it comes down to it, the big difference between killing or sparing Larry Dumbrosky is how quickly you can get off the Spire of the Stars. If you lay a hand on him, or any other character on the ship, the entire place goes into a lockdown, and everyone begins fighting you. If you’d like a quicker exit for the end of this mission, I feel like it’s better to spare Larry Dumbrosky, but it doesn’t seem to be a huge deal, in the short run, if you take him out or not during your Starfield playthrough. You can always try a New Game Plus run where you take out Larry, to see how absolutely crazy it is on the ship after you do it.