Starfield: Deimos Executive Assistant Application Answers & Outcomes

Starfield’s Red Tape Blues quest requires you to fill out a job application, and here is every correct answer ensuring you the position.

starfield deimos job application answers

Your palms are sweating, you’re filled with self-doubt, and you are questioning even coming this far. This can only mean one thing… you’re filling out a job application. However, in Starfield’s Red Tape Blues questline, landing said job doesn’t just affect your potential employment. Getting hired is the only way to avoid the collapse of Cydonia’s economy.

Of course, Trevor always has a backup plan when looking out for his team of miners. But can you fail Plan A? It’s only a seven-question application; how bad can it be?

Here is every correct answer to the Deimos Executive Assistant Application in Starfield’s Red Rape Blues quest:

Question 1: How many years of experience?

Starfield application question 1

We chose 5-10 years. You don’t want to seem overqualified, but you don’t want to seem too green either.

Question 2: What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Starfield application question 2

Again, to avoid seeming overqualified, we chose a Bachelor’s Degree. You’re an assistant to an executive, so a secondary school diploma won’t cut it. But someone with a Master’s degree should be landing the executive role, not his assistant.

Question 3: What is a Whiskey Neat?

Starfield application question 3

Not gonna lie… I had to Google this one. I enjoy a drink from time to time, but I don’t drink Whiskey, and if I did, I would not drink it neat.

The correct answer is “About 43 ml shot of Whiskey, served in a glass at room temp.

Question 4: What to do when the Executive is running late?

Starfield application question 4

In this fictitious scenario, your people skills can really shine. Don’t try to be funny, but don’t shun the client either. Instead, offer them some drinks, apologize, and ensure the Executive will return soon.

Question 5: What to do when the Executive’s Starship malfunctions?

Starfield application question 5

Look, you work for a very lucrative company. Deimos is the Audi to Stroud Eklund’s Porsche – they can afford the expense. Plus, you need to impress the members of the meeting, and your junker ship won’t cut it.

The correct answer is to use the company credits to charter a luxury craft.

Question 6: What should you do with damaging information about the Executive?

Starfield application question 6

If you’ve ever taken any sort of harassment prevention training or have read any ethical handbook, this answer should be apparent. While Deimos is just another scummy capitalistic megacorp, HR still wants to see you pick the politically correct answers.

You should take the info to the board of directors and allow them to handle it.

Question 7: How do you respond to a drunk Executive?

Starfield application question 7

This can qualify as workplace harassment according to most workplace guidelines. And while contacting HR isn’t an option, the correct course of action is to contact security and let them deal with it.

Do Your Application Answers Actually Matter?

In short, no, how you answer the questions on the application does not matter. Trevor’s plan all along was to have you hack into a computer and delete all other applicants, making you the only candidate left for the job.

However, your answers do affect the flavor text that accompanies your application in the database. When we answered accordingly, the flavor text told us that we were the best candidate for the job and that HR needed to send us a job offer immediately. Deleting the other applications may not have been necessary after all.

How to Access Tia’s Computer to See Applications

In order to see the flavor text (and delete the other applicants), you will need to get on Tia’s work computer. The only catch is she seems to be using it all hours of the day. So, how do you get that workaholic away from her desk?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Tia always goes out for drinks at the Broken Spear with the other office gals after work hours. Just find a place to rest and either wait or sleep until after 5 PM local time. Wait until she leaves the office, and then you can hop onto her desktop.