Starfield: How to Remove the Kid Stuff Trait

You might feel like you need to remove the Kid Stuff trait from your character in Starfield, but it does force a difficult conversation with your parents.

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You can select several traits for your character when you first begin playing Starfield, and these traits carry over with you for the entire game. However, if you ever get tired of them, they can be removed, such as the Kid Stuff trait, where your character sends 2% of their salary to their parents at the end of every week.

For every unique trait your character has, there’s a way that it can be removed. Unfortunately, the Kid Stuff trait might be tougher to get rid of than you might expect, especially if you’re forced to have a sit down with your parents. Here’s what you need to know about how to remove the Kid Stuff trait in Starfield.

Where to Go to Remove Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield

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It all starts with having a sit down with your parents in Starfield. You’ll have to track them down on New Atlantis and speak with them. There are two locations they could be in the city. They might be at Constellation’s Lodge after you talk to them the first time, or you need to go to the Residential District, where you can find their apartment.

If they’re in their apartment, they’re a bit tougher to find as they don’t have a set waypoint to their location. You should be able to find their room in the Pioneer Tower, to the right of the Chunks Shop.

You’ll know you’ve reached the correct location when you enter the elevator and find the “Family Apartments” on the menu. From here, your Starfield character can speak with their parents. In my experience, it came down to talking with your father and running through the dialogue choices until you see the [Remove Kid Stuff trait], where you inform him that you won’t be able to send any more money to the two of them.

When you do have this conversation with your Starfield parents, your father reveals that if you remove the trait, they won’t be able to afford their apartment anymore. They’ll have to move out and find somewhere cheaper to stay, so they will move locations. If this is your decision, confirm that you won’t be able to send money home anymore and cut those ties.

However, I can confirm that sending them money at the end of every week might be difficult, but it’s well worth it. Your Starfield character can meet back up with their parents anytime during their adventures, and visiting them is highly worthwhile. I’ve had my Starfield character meet and speak with their parents regularly. It has often gifted them unique items, such as my Starfield father winning a ship in a poker game or my mother offering Gran-Gran’s UC marine armor.

I feel that the rewards far outweigh the costs. Still, the option is here if you want to make it in Starfield. Removing the Kid Stuff trait does dismiss it entirely, so you won’t be able to take back this decision outside of reloading a save in your game.