Starfield: How to Swap Ships & Make a Home Ship

It’s not easy to swap ships on your character in Starfield, and this guide shows you the fastest way you can do that.

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Picking out the ship you want to fly is not easy in Starfield. There are multiple ships that you can add to your growing collection, and you might have a preference for what you’re flying, based on the type of mission you want to do or activities you’re planning to begin. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear how you should swap ships, or make a home ship.

You can’t do it directly from your in-game menu. Instead, there’s a specific location you need to visit to make it possible, and you might have some trouble getting here. Here’s what you need to know about swapping ships and picking out a home ship in Starfield.

How to Swap Ships in Starfield

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When it comes to swapping ships in Starfield, you’ll need to find a Ship Tech at any of the larger starports in Starfield. Alternatively, you can craft a Landing Pad at any of the outposts you create in the game, but the Ship Techs at the starports are a much more convenient option for you to select, and they’re much easier to track down. Speak with them, and select the “I’d like to view and modify my ships” option.

When you head this option, the ship menu will appear for every ship that your Starfield character has claimed. From here, you’ll be able to change out any parts you don’t use, change the layout of your ship, customize them, or create another Home Ship, which is the only way you can swap between the current ship you’re flying and the ones that remain at your base. Your Home Ship will always be the one you’re flying, and another way you can swap them out is if you steal a ship, and begin flying it, which then becomes your Home Ship.

How to Make a Home Ship in Starfield

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When you’re in Starfield’s View and Modify Ships menu, go to the ship you want to transform into your Home Ship. You’ll see the option on the bottom right of your screen, and this will automatically swap out your current ship with the new one. One thing to note is that all of the cargo will transfer and be held in the ship, even if it has less capacity. If this does happen, you will not be able to add anything else to your ship’s cargo until you get it back under its limit.