Starfield Media Sponge: How Many Dragonstar Force Books Are There & Is It Worth It?

So you’ve met Starfield’s Mitch Benjamin, but aren’t sure how deep the rabbit hole goes. Here’s how many Dragonstar Force books there are.

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If you’ve spent long enough on Mars’ mining colony of Cydonia, you may have come across the eccentric oddball known as Mitch Benjamin. This nerdy media lover isn’t a miner or a soldier; he’s just a bookworm living on Mars.

Since he doesn’t get out much, he has no need for a ship – and no ship means he can’t get off the planet to secure 1st edition copies of his favorite fantasy novel series, Dragonstar Force. That’s where you come in. Mitch offers you credits in return for buying and delivering every entry in the Dragonstar Force series.

But how many Dragonstar Force books are there? And is it even worth it to collect them all?

How Many Dragonstar Force Books are There in Starfield

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When Mitch first tasks you to grab him the first Dragonstar Force book, he reveals that it’s been a dream of his to collect a first-edition copy of every book in the series. However, he fails to mention just how many there are, and he requests one book at a time, making it impossible to tell when this long series of fetch quests ends.

In total, there are 30 Dragonstar Force books that you will need to fetch, and the majority will be purchased from New Atlantis in Alpha Centauri and Hopetown in Valo. You will have to collect and return each book one at a time. So, it begs the question, is it worth it?

Is It Worth Collecting Every Dragonstar Force Book in Starfield

There is no definitive answer here unless you are hoping that some big fancy reward awaits you at the end of the quest. There isn’t one. You don’t get the Dragonstar or some cool piece of equipment. The only physical rewards are the used copies of Dragonstar Force novels.

But that doesn’t mean delivering all 30 is pointless. In fact, the media sponge questline is a pretty quick and simple way to rack up credits and XP. For every book you deliver, Mitch will reward you with 1800-2100 Credits for a total of 63k. But if you persuade him to pay you more, you will earn 5,500 credits per delivery.

In terms of XP, players will receive 100 XP per delivery and will get a bonus 10 XP for every successful persuasion. So, players can earn a max 3,300 XP.

A couple of other bonuses of note. This quest will take you to several large settlements, including Akila City, Neon, Hopetown, and more. If you’re trying to upgrade your commerce skill, say hello to 30 unique and extraordinarily cheap items.