Starfield: Should You Kill or Spare The Akila Bank Robbers

Upon arrival in Akila, Starfield players are tasked with defusing a hostage situation. Do you lethal force or talk the bank robbers down?

Starfield Daniel Blake

When you first arrive in the wild west of Akila City, you’ll be warned about entering, as dangerous bandits overrun the local bank. Soon enough, you’ll meet the Sheriff, Daniel Blake, who asks for your help as the bandits have requested a 3rd party handle the negotiation.

Once again, Starfield’s player character has wandered into a scenario that would be a lost cause without their intervention. Like many other side quests in Starfield, you are given a choice. Do you save the town like a cowboy of old, using lead instead of reason, or do you attempt to defuse the situation with the power of wit?

Should You Kill The Bank Robbers In Akila In Starfield

starfield daniel blake outcome

This quest, Job Gone Wrong, sets the stage for the Freestar Collective faction storyline. And, of course, it uses a classic cowboy movie trope: Western bank under attack by bandits filled with innocent hostages. So, your first instinct may be to take the bank robbers out using your quick draw and eagle-eyed aim.

A good old-fashioned shootout is one of the first options when talking with Daniel Blake. He gives you a key to the bank, and you’re able to scoot around back, avoiding the suspicion of the ne’er-do-wells. Once inside, you can stealthily take them out or engage in a guns-blazing battle to the death. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. As far as we could tell, the approach doesn’t matter, and there aren’t any real hostages in danger.

Once you’ve cleaned house, you’ll return to Daniel Blake, who will thank you for taking out the bandits and keeping the hostages safe. He’ll tell you you’re real Freestar Ranger material, directing you to the next step in the Freestar Collective questline. Oh, and you get 5,000 credits for your efforts.

Should You Escort The Bank Robbers to the Spaceport?

starfield bank robbers demands

If you fail your persuasion attempt or aren’t too keen on attacking the Bank Robbers, they do offer another solution over the intercom. They say they won’t harm the hostages if they are escorted to the spaceport and are allowed to leave. Once safe, they will drop off the hostages on a nearby planet to be picked up after they escape.

However, Daniel Blake won’t even consider this option. Instead, you’re ordered to deal with the bank robbers in a less peaceful manner. That’s right! Agreeing to escort the bank robbers results in you having to take them out as if you chose violence to begin with.

Should You Persude The Bank Robbers To Give Up?

starfield daniel blake impressed

The “best” outcome is easily using persuasion to avoid all violence. The Bank Robbers allow you to approach the intercom, where you can try to talk some sense into them.

A tip to make the persuasion easier is consuming Hippolyta and Drink Box: White Wine to increase your chance of success. Additionally, if you have the Wanted trait, a special dialogue option gives you some free persuasion points. You can also save in front of the intercom to reattempt the persuasion if you fail.

On a successful attempt, you can convince them to give up the hostages and turn themselves in. In addition to avoiding any and all casualties, Daniel Blake is mighty impressed with your way with words. While he is thankful for you gunslinging, he seems even happier that you were able to de-escalate the situation through a talk box.

That’s 165 XP for you, plus an extra 10 XP for a successful persuasion and 5,000 credits with which to wet your whistle.

This may also affect Akila later, as you may be able to speak with the convicts behind bars. We will update this guide if any further information is discovered.