Starfield: Should You Steal the Earth Savior (ES) Award?

The Earth Savior Award is a rare item in Starfield, and you have the chance to steal it, or you can focus on your primary objectives.

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When you make your way onto the Siren of the Stars ship in Starfield, there are two things you’ll be hunting down. The first is Larry Dumbrosky, a GalBank Executive with credentials you can use to learn about the ship, Legacy. The other is the Earth Savior (ES) Award, an item that Naeva wants to loot from the ship.

Although your main objective is to get Dumbrosky’s credentials, there’s the choice to seek out the ES award while you’re on the Siren of the Stars. It’s not a primary objective, but it’s a good way to make a friend with Naeva, but it might eat up precious time. Here’s what you need to know about if you should steal the Earth Savior Award and how you can do it in Starfield.

What Happens if You Steal the Earth Savior Award in Starfield

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You can choose to steal the Earth Savior Award while hunting down Dumbrosky’s credentials. If you do that, you’ll want to be extra careful not to tip off the guards. Thankfully, many of the activities will take place in the same location where you will be attempting to learn about Larry Dumbrosky while working on this Starfield mission. I recommend speaking with Evgeny Rokov about the Earth Savior Award, and he’ll tell you that you’re looking for a woman named Sheila Holbrooke, who’s protecting it.

I was able to find out about Sheila by doing a bit of detective work in the front of the ship. There are multiple things you can check out multiple parts of the ships, gaining small clues about the various residents during this portion of your Starfield playthrough. After you’ve completed this part, it’s time to track down Sheila.

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You can Sheila Holbrooke in the main ballroom of the Spire of the Stars, and you can speak with her on the top floor. You’ll need to ask her about the Earth Savior Award, and she will let slip that they’re keeping it in the Purser Safe, but it’s protected by a special reinforced safe. The only way to get into the safe is by using Sheila’s keycard, but you won’t be able to steal it from her. Instead, you’ll need to persuade her to give the ID card to you and hand it over. I had to use a Paramour to increase my Starfield character’s Persuasion level, making it easier to talk her into giving it to me.

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After convincing her to give the keycard to you, return it to the Purser Safe, and you can pick it up from inside the locker. You’ll then have the chance to take it with you while you complete the larger mission in Starfield and turn it in for Naeva.

What Happens if You Don’t Steal the Earth Savior Award in Starfield

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For anyone who doesn’t want to risk the main objective for Delgado while onboard the Siren of the Stars, there’s the option to forgo the Earth Savior Award entirely and never choose to steal it. You’ll want to avoid speaking with Evgeny Rokov, whom you meet at the start of the mission, and focus entirely on the credentials.

This is a good way to win some points with Delgado, but you won’t win anything with Naeva during your Starfield playthrough. When you return to her at the end of the mission, and you have to tell her you could not grab it, she docks your pay. You don’t get as much money as you would at the end of the job as you would have. It’s not a good look for your Starfield character, even if you had to avoid the situation.

Should You Steal or Not Steal The Earth Savior Award in Starfield?

Between the two options, it’s better for you to go out of your way to grab the Earth Savior Award in your Starfield playthrough. You increase the number of credits you earn at the end of the mission, and Naeva likes your character a bit more, given that the crew on the UC Vigilance constantly talk about how good she is at figuring out who are rats in the Crimson fleet, it’s a good idea to remain on her good side.

In my experience, it was endlessly better to steal it than it was not to steal it. There are far more advantages and perks to doing this, even if it is an optional choice in Starfield.