Starfield Tapping The Grid: What is the Correct Switch Order?

While investigating the brownouts in The Well in Starfield a small puzzle in Tapping The Grid can cause them a lot of trouble.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Tapping The Grid is a quest in Starfield that players can pick up pretty early on. For the most part, it’s a simple step-by-step process of pressing switches around The Well. However, one section of this quest is randomized, causing havoc for players who can’t work it out.

The fourth and final switch that players must flip is locked behind a puzzle. To solve that puzzle, they need to work out which order four nearby switches need to be turned on, but random switch flipping won’t help anyone.

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What is the Correct Order to Flip the Switches in Tapping The Grid in Starfield

Screenshot by Gamepur

The correct order to flip the switches in Tapping The Grid is randomized for all players. To work out our solution, shown above, we’ve labeled the switches from left to right as 1, 2, 3, and 4. To complete the puzzle, the switch order we had to flip them in was 1, 3, 2.

We’ve seen that many players have come up with different solutions to ours, but the way to work out which switches to flip remains the same for all of them. Find which switches cause two green lights to turn on. This could be on the left or right-hand side of the main breaker behind the switches. Getting both of those switches on is the key to solving the puzzle.

However, as was the case for our puzzle, it sometimes takes two switches to get two green lights to show on one side of the breaker. Players need to track which switches achieve this, then flip them in the right order to ensure the two sets of green lights turn on, and the door to the right opens. Another possible combination is getting two lights across both breakers to turn on with two or three switches.

While the randomization of this puzzle can make this a frustrating experience, it’s easy enough to work out when players take their time. There’s no need to rush, and looking at which switches turn on the lights, just like how Digipicks must be lined up before trying to pick a lock, will help make getting to the solution so much easier and more satisfying.

How to Start Tapping The Grid in Starfield

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We were able to start the Tapping The Grid quest in Starfield after hearing someone in the New Atlantis dock speaking about local brownouts in The Well. This gave us an activity to investigate the location, and when we did, we encountered a character called Louisa Reyez, who recruited us for the quest.

Once we’d finished Tapping The Grid, a new quest called Alternating Currents began, which saw us helping Reyez out with the power trouble in The Well that seemed to be caused by The Well’s Trade Authority. This quest leads to a choice that will have consequences on the rest of a playthrough, so it’s worth taking the time to consider all options.