What Happened to Earth in Starfield? Explained

What has happened to the pale blue dot we once called home in Starfield?


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Since its announcement, many fans have been curious about one particular planet in Starfield: Earth. With the game set in 2330, a lot has happened to humanity and the pale blue dot since humans began taking to the stars, and players may fancy a trip back to the homeworld and see what’s up.

In this guide, we will detail what has happened to Earth in Starfield, as well as how to get there and what to expect when you fly and land on it.

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What Has Happened to Earth in Starfield?

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Players who want to hear about the fate of Earth can head to the HQ of the United Colonies and take the elevator to the Vanguard Orientation Hall, which will have a display that details the history of Earth. If you don’t fancy making the trip, we’ll give you the rundown here.

Sadly, Earth has met a terrible fate in Starfield. In 2150, it was discovered that Earth’s magnetosphere was deteriorating, leaving us only 50 years until the end of life on Earth. With this impending doom, humanity managed to band together, and in 2159, the United Colonies was formed. With this new alliance, humanity took to the stars, and in 2160, the first ship, the Galileo, touched down on Jemison, which would go on to become the homeworld of the United Colonies and home to New Atlantis.

Then, in 2203, according to information terminals found around New Atlantis, Earth officially became uninhabitable and now sits as a rock floating in space.

Can you Visit Earth in Starfield?

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Yes, players can visit Earth in Starfield, and it’s not too far from where you start the game.

To reach Earth, open the Starmap and zoom out until you are looking at the star systems, then look for Sol. It’s just up and to the left of Alpha Centauri. Then, click on Sol to zoom in and find Earth. From here you can set course for Earth and use your Grav Jump.

What you’ll find is a pinkish-white rock with metal debris in the atmosphere and the Earth not looking very healthy.

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As for what you will find on Earth, there are some materials you can pick up, including Water, Chlorine, Lead, Chlorosilanes, and Mercury. Sarah Morgan, one of the companions players can recruit and is a member of Constellation, does mention that there are “remnants of the old world” on Earth to be discovered. If players are lucky, they could find some landmarks they recognize during their visit.