Starfield Alternating Currents: Side With Louisa Reyez or Zoe Kaminski

Louisa Reyez and Zoe Kaminksi are at odds in Starfield, and it’s up to you to decide whose side to take in Alternating Currents.

starfield louisa reyez

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The Well is one of Starfield’s seedier dives being reserved for New Atlantis’ least savory citizens. That said, Louisa Reyez is a diamond in the rough, seeking to solve the mystery of The Well’s frequent brownouts. And since her partner in electrical engineering hasn’t turned up to work, it’s up to the player to step in.

While finding the source of an outage seems like it should be a fairly simple task, no hero operates without a villain seeking to stop their good deeds. Enter Zoe Kaminski, the clerk at The Well’s Trade Authority post. And as if embodying the commerce giant’s own shady practices, Kaminski’s selfish ambitions stand between Reyez and her pursuit of stable power.

Reyez vs. Kaminski: Who is right about the junction box locations?

starfield trade authority apex electronics
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Reyez and Kaminski first butt heads during the Alternating Currents side quest when Reyez has to consult a manual to determine the next location of a Junction Box the player needs to activate.

Kaminski claims the correct junction box is on the same level as the last, just a few feet away from the player. Yet Reyez says the proper junction box is located just above Apex Electronics.

The player should trust their instincts here as Kaminski hasn’t been keen to help from the start, so, of course, she’d attempt to derail the situation. Reyez is correct, and you should flip the switch above Apex Electronics. If you flip Kaminski’s switch, you hear Reyez tell Kaminski that it was wrong, and you’ll still need to flip the correct switch.

starfield correct junction box location
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When we did this mission, the marker for Reyez’s box disappeared, so we had to find it manually. Apex Electronics is located right in front of the Trade Authority building. You’ll need to hop on the sign using a boost pack and then make your way through the door and swing a right. The junction box is right there behind a door.

Reyez vs. Kaminski: Who do you give the evidence to?

starfield louisa reyez the well
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Now that you’ve discovered someone is siphoning money from Galbank using The Well as a power source, it’s time to hand in the evidence to Louisa Reyez. But as you’re making your way back to The Well, Kaminski will ask you to hand her the evidence instead.

So what happens if you choose one over the other? Do you get more money for helping Kaminski? More XP for helping Reyez? Not quite.

In fact, the only thing that changes is flavor text. If you help Reyez, she jabs at Kaminski, expecting to see the retail clerk thrown in prison. If you give the evidence to Kaminski, you’ve aided and abetted a criminal who is thankful for your expert lying ability.

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Otherwise, players receive the same number of credits and XP regardless of their decision. And as far as we can tell, neither offers more quests down the road, so there’s no fear of being locked out of more of Starfield’s wonderful sidequests.