Starfield: Tau Gourmet Production Center Control Room Location

When you arrive at the Tau Gourmet Production Center in Starfield, you have to find the Control Room, but it’s tricky to locate.

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There are numerous locations you can visit while playing Starfield, and the entire galaxy is yours to freely explore. There are, however, set areas that you can visit that are directly tied to story missions and larger objectives. Even though you can visit a location, certain things might not always be available until you progress a particular quest, such as the Tau Gorumet Production Center.

This is an area you can find while exploring the Tau Ceti system, to the west of Sol. It’s a level 10 system, and the main location, the Tau Gourmet Production Center, has been attacked. Your primary goal is to the find the Control Room. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Control Room location of the Tau Gourmet Production Center in Starfield.

Where to Find The Control Room at The Tau Gourmet Production Center in Starfield

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It’s important to note that activating the Control Room and turning the power on for the Tau Gourmet Production Center only occurs if you’re working on the UC Vanguard questline in Starfield. These are the UC Marines, and you can start this mission by joining them on New Atlantis. Your first mission will be to visit the Tau Gourmet Production Center on Tau Ceti II and check in on the colonists.

When you arrive, there will be bodies everywhere, and it looks like the facility is under attack. After reaching the main facility, you’ll receive a call from Hadrian, someone who was also sent to investigate the facility, and she’s going to ask that you work with her to restore power to the Tau Gourmet Production Center and take out the creature that attacked the facility: a Terrormorph. You can expect to encounter more of them as you explore Starfield.

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She’ll ask you to head over to the Security building of the facility and restart the system. Hadrian will handle the entire process, and she’s going to turn the turrets back online. She’ll recommend you flip the power breakers on top of the various buildings in the area, activating the turrets, making it much easier to defeat the Terrormorph for this mission, which your character will be eager to fight.

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Why Can’t You Find the Control Room in Starfield?

In short, there’s no “control room” for you to find at the Tau Gourmet Production Facility in Starfield. Instead, what you need to do is return to this location during the proper mission, called Grunt Work. It’s for the UC Vanguard questline, which you can start on New Atlantis. Without this quest, you can freely visit this location, but you won’t be able to restart the power or engage with anything happening with this area, until you’re brought here for the Vanguards.