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Starfield The Red Mile: Location, Walkthrough & Rewards

Starfield's Red Mile is a dangerous yet lucrative challenge, and here is where you can find it, how to complete it, and what you get from it.

The Red Mile is one of the Settled System’s seedier dives, first shown off in a portion of the 2023 Starfield Direct. It’s a half bar half casino that’s been transformed into one of the galaxy’s most sadistic entertainment destinations. The main event is the aptly named Red Mile.

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It can be a bit confusing at first, and players may need help to find their footing, but we promise it’s not as daunting as it seems. Here is everything you need to know about running the Red Mile, including what you get for putting your life on the line.

Where is the Red Mile located?

starfield red mile door

The Red Mile is on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima system. This is one of the named systems on your star map, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Porrima III is at the top of the system when you enter, and the Red Mile is already marked on the planet’s surface.

You can also find the Red Mile when picking up a package for Salinas, who works in Apex Electronics in The Well in New Atlantis.

What Is The Red Mile?

starfield red mile mauler

The Red Mile is a very dangerous sporting event at the self-titled bar on Porrima III. Players can attempt the Red Mile by speaking with the bar’s owner, Mei Devine.

During the event, players will have to run a mile to activate a button located at the base of the lighthouse on the other side of a giant crater. The lighthouse can be seen in the distance when you first step outside through the door that’s marked RUN.

Despite being on a freezing planet, the bitter cold isn’t the greatest hazard out there. This light jog is infested with Red Mile Maulers—vicious creatures who pack a huge punch and can shoot exploding projectiles from their mouths.

To deal with the Maulers, you’re going to need weapons with the Exterminator mod and a spacesuit with the Beast Hunter mods. These increase the damage health to aliens by quite a bit, and Maulers are quite tanky. It also doesn’t help that they tend to travel in small packs and can spawn up from the ground.

How To Complete The Red Mile?

starfield red mile route

Running the race is actually pretty simple. In fact, you don’t even have to kill any Maulers. To complete the Red Mile, all you need to do is run to the lighthouse, press the button, and run back to the bar.

If you’re having a tough time finding the button, make sure to go into your mission menu and select the Run The Red Mile quest from the Misc tab.

starfield red mile button

Red Mile Rewards

When you return, speak with Mei again, and she will happily reward you. After all, The Red Mile establishment just made bank on all the people betting against you.

The first time you complete the run, you will get the unique Brute Force shotgun. This is a great weapon that really excels in Starfield’s early game.

Every subsequent run will reward you with various medical supplies, a random modified weapon, and 4,300 credits. It’s a quick way to earn a decent amount of credits, and it can be made faster with the help of the Amp drug and any armor mods that increase your movement speed.

There are also a few buildings scattered around the crater for those brave enough to spend more time than necessary out there. One of which contains several bits of contraband that can be sold for a high price. The crate next to the button also includes some nice goodies, including an Epic weapon.

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