Starfield: All Resources & How To Get Them

Resources are required for nearly any part of crafting while playing Starfield, and this guide covers where to find all crafting materials.

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There are dozens of resources you’ll need to track down while exploring the many star systems in Starfield. These resources are critical to constructing many of the items and research projects you’ll find in the game, and it can be difficult to know where you’ll need to go next. Unfortunately, many of the planets are procedurally generated, and the various resources and planets won’t always appear for every player.

There are some good ways to narrow down a handful of resources, and it does make your life easier to know where to look. This guide will cover every resource you can find in Starfield and how you can get them.

Where to Find Every Resource in Starfield

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There are multiple ways you can find resources for your crafting projects in Starfield. Many of them are going to appear on a planet, where you’ll need to scour the surface to track down resource deposits with your scanner and use a Cutter to remove them from rocks. Alternatively, if you find a particularly large source on a planet, there’s the option to set down an Outpost and assign crewmembers to work there to oversee the operations.

A second option is to hunt down creatures that are wandering a planet in Starfield. Not every creature will have the same resources. You’ll have to scan a creature, hunt one down, and harvest it to see what type of items you might be able to grab off them and add to your crafting projects.

The third one is by exploring outposts and abandoned sites you find in the galaxy. These might be locations that have been taken over by Pirates or Spacers while playing the game. You’ll have to search desks, containers, and any locked boxes that you can find when you arrive on a planet. Thankfully, whenever you hover over these objects in Starfield, you’ll be able to tell if it’s a useful item that you can use in a crafting project or if it’s something you can only sell.

These are all of the resources you can find while playing Starfield, and the best way to track them down.

ResourcesWhere to Find Resource
ArgonPrimarily found on planets and a common resource you can find in most of the larger systems.
BenzeneA more uncommon resource typically found on planets but can appear inside of chests and containers.
Carboxylic AcidsA rare material that I could not find on too many systems. I did locate it on Nesoi, in the Olympus System.
IridiumAn uncommon resource that can appear on a planet, but normally in small deposits.
IronOne of the more common resources you can find in Starfield and regularly appears on several planets.
NickelOne of the more common resources that you can find in Starfield and is commonly mined on planets.
TantalumOne of the harder resources to find, and you won’t find large deposits of it in Starfield. I was able to find some on Nesoi.
UraniumYou can typically find this on the surface of planets and will need to search for larger deposits.
VanadiumOne of the more difficult and hard-to-find resources in Starfield.
WaterPrimarily found on planets, and a common resource.