How To Repair Weapons in State of Decay 2

Repairing weapons in State of Decay 2 is of prime importance in surviving the zombie apocalypse. The weapons you use are not durable and need to be repaired after you use them. Whether you use a baseball bat, pistol or a sniper rifle all these weapons degrade and wear out. This guide will tell you how to repair your weapons in State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2 Repair Weapon

Repair Weapons in State of Decay 2

To repair weapons you need to set up a workshop at your base or there may be already a workshop installed at your base. Depending on where your base is you can then have the ability to repair weapons but not necessarily the resources to repair.

The parts you need to repair the weapons, you will find in the game randomly. You can also get parts from other broken weapons or by breaking down materials. The less damaged a weapon is, the fewer the parts it needs to repair it. So keep doing regular checks on your weapon.

Melee weapons when used on any zombie will start to degrade. When you use melee weapons a yellow sign appears near the bottom right corner of the screen. This signifies that the weapon you are using will break soon. So use another weapon from your backpack or keep using the weapon till it’s broken completely. Even after it is broken, it still can be repaired.

Now to repair your weapons at your workshop simply unequip your weapon. Select y to interact with it. Then select the damaged weapon and return it to the supply locker. It will tell you how many parts it will require repairing the weapon. If the parts are available, select repair to confirm. And it will be fixed.

The guide is not complete we will update it as we progress through the game. For more details on the game, you can read our State of Decay 2 Wiki guide.