Street Fighter 6 – How To Change Avatar

Not happy with how your fighter looks? Here’s how to change your Avatar in the Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6.

Lily Street Fighter 6 Posing

Image Via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 lets players create their own characters, who act as their avatar in the Battle Hub and World Tour mode. You will be prompted to create your avatar when first entering the Battle Hub mode, but don’t fret if you’re not happy with the design, as you’ll have the chance to change them.

Street Fighter 6 features a mixture of classic fighters and brand-new characters, all of which you can play with straight off the bat. Regarding the online mode, you’ll need to deal with the Battle Hub, as it contains many options and modes within a virtual environment. The Battle Hub starts with the player creating an avatar, who acts as your presence within the mode.

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How To Change Your Avatar In Street Fighter 6

Body Shop location in Street Fighter 6
Screenshot By Gamepur

If you’re not happy with your avatar in the Battle Hub, then it’s easy enough to change it. Head to the Body Shop in the Battle Hub, which is in the top right-hand corner from the entrance. It’s right next to the Extreme Battles stand, and its map placement can be seen on the minimap above.

Once you enter the Body Shop, you’ll have the opportunity to rebuild your avatar from scratch. This includes being able to change their physical appearance and voice. You can also download recipes created by other players, should you wish to use their designs. Bear in mind that it costs 50 Drive Tickets to change appearance, but you can save designs and reuse them later for free.

It bears mentioning that the Body Shop is not the place to change the character’s clothing. To do this, you’ll need to visit the Hub Goods Shop, which is just right from the Battle Hub entrance. In the Hub Goods Shop, you can buy things like clothing and accessories using Fighter Coins (the game’s premium currency) or Drive Coins, which can be unlocked through play.

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It’s exciting to see Capcom embrace a character creator mode for the Street Fighter series, as franchises like Soul Calibur have given fans numerous ways to express their creativity and build awesome-looking fighters to show off to the world. The Battle Hub can do the same thing, even if it does nickel and dime players for cosmetics.