Street Fighter 6: How To Unlock Alternate Costumes

Here’s how to unlock alternate outfits in Street Fighter 6.

Cammy's Alt Costume Street Fighter 6

Image Via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 allows players to change the costumes of their favorite fighter, and you’re going to have to work hard to get them. This means that people using the same fighter in a match will have to resort to alternate colors if they cannot unlock the extra costumes.

The exception to the character costume mechanic is Street Fighter 6’s Avatar character, who is used in the Battle Hub and World Tour mode. For this character, the player can unlock individual clothing items through play or by purchasing items with the in-game currencies. This allows the player to mix and match the outfits for their Avatar rather than relying on a single costume. Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock alternate costumes in Street Fighter 6.

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How To Unlock Alternate Costumes In Street Fighter 6

Juri Alt Costume Street Fighter 6
Image Via Capcom

The people who purchased Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition or the Ultimate Pass will unlock all of the classic costumes for the roster, giving everyone an additional outfit. This is the main incentive of the Ultimate Pass, as the extra characters it offers aren’t available at launch.

Those who don’t want to purchase anything Ultimate for Street Fighter 6 have some extra options available for them. It’s possible to unlock all of the classic costumes in the in-game Shop, but they cost 50 Fighter Coins each. Fighter Coins are Street Fighter 6’s premium currency and can only be purchased using real-world money. Unlike the colors, the extra costumes cannot be purchased using Drive Tickets, which can be earned in-game by completing challenges.

The other way to unlock the new costumes involves the World Tour mode. Once you meet one of the Street Fighter 6 characters, you can complete quests for them and engage in a Persona-style friendship mechanic, where you give them gifts. Helping out your new master will earn you points, and you need to give them gifts and fight battles using their style to max out their Bond, earning you the classic costume.

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Street Fighter 6 barely has any costumes or colors at launch, but don’t expect this state of affairs to last for long. Street Fighter 5 was filled with microtransactions and cosmetics throughout its run, which means that Street Fighter 6 will soon be awash in outfits for those willing to reach for their wallets.