Street Fighter 6 Release Date, Preorders & Trailers

It’s time to get pumped up for battle in Street Fighter 6.

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Street Fighter 6 is the newest entry to the long-running fighting game series and looks to be one of its best. With a new visual style, characters, game modes, and gameplay options, it seems to be a robust offering for fighting game fans that will become a fan favorite.

If you are planning to glove up and get in the fight, we’ve put together this guide with all the details you’ll need to know, including the release date, editions, and platforms so you can prepare to fight when the game releases this year.

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What is the release date for Street Fighter 6?

After a long wait, it has been confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2, 2023. The announcement of the release date took place during The Game Awards 2022 and finally gave players the information they craved. It’s been a long wait for fans, but it appears to be worth it.

All Street Fighter 6 Preorders, Platforms, & Editions

Street Fighter 6 will release for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Three versions of the game are available to pre-order, each with pre-order bonuses and different content.

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The Standard Edition will get you the base game and the pre-order bonuses, including a color variation on six characters’ outfits, Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, and Ken. This version costs $59.99/£54.99.

The Deluxe Edition will include the game and the Year 1 Character Pass, giving you access to the four new fighters and new outfit colors for them as they are released during the game’s first year. It also comes with 4,200 Drive Tickets, the in-game currency for Street Fighter 6. This edition will cost you $84.99/£79.99.

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The Ultimate Edition gets you everything in the previous editions two additional costumes for the four new fighters, two extra stages, and 7,700 Drive Tickets. This is a digital-only version and will cost you $104.99/£99.99.

If you want to go all out, there is a Collectors Edition you can grab that comes with plenty of physical goodies. These include a Mad Gear Box, Luke and Kimberly figures, an artbook, Stickers, and diorama boards for your figures. It also comes with all the digital content in the Ultimate Edition. This will likely be harder to get, and you’ll need to check with retailers to see if it has it in stock. It’s also the most expensive version and will cost you an eye-watering $249.99/£249.99.

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Street Fighter 6 Trailers

Here is the official announcement trailer for Street Fighter 6.

Here is the official Street Fighter 6 pre-order trailer.

Here is the opening movie for the World Tour mode, “The Meaning of Strength.”

We will continue to update this guide as new information becomes available.