Subnautica: All cyclops fragments locations

Use these fragments to craft one of the best vehicles in the game.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Throughout your playtime of Subnautica, you will need to craft various vehicles to aid in your aquatic adventures. The problem is, finding the parts needed to craft these vehicles can be tricky. And to craft the Cyclops, an incredibly valuable submarine capable of diving up to 500 meters, you will need to find three different sets of fragments. This guide will walk you through where to find the fragments to craft the Cyclops.

For each fragment set, you will need to scan three fragments. This means you will need to scan nine fragments in total. You can check your PDA to see which components you are missing.

Hull and Bridge Fragments

The easiest way to find Hull and Bridge fragments is to head to a Mushroom Forest biome and look around. The closest Mushroom Forest is about 1000 meters northwest of the Aurora. 

Coordinates: (819, -152, 276)

Be extra attentive when looking for the bridge fragments, as they are relatively small and can be hard to see among the coral and seaweed. 

Engine fragments

For engine fragments, you need to head to the Crash Zone. Specifically, the back of the Aurora near the destroyed engines. You won’t need to get too deep to find the engine fragments, so stay near the surface following the ridges. 

Coordinates: (312, -1, -332)

Because the Crash Zone is teeming with Leviathans, be ready to flee if one approaches. Or, if you want to be even safer, equip yourself with a Stasis Rifle to fend off the Leviathans.