Subnautica Aurora door codes list – All Aurora door codes in Subnautica

Fat loot awaits past these doors.

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As soon as you crash land on Subnautica’s ocean world, the space-faring vessel Aurora burns and sinks, leaving only parts of it visible above the ocean surface. This catastrophic incident kickstarts the game in which you have to survive and explore the alien planet’s ocean depths. While the spaceship is doomed, you will still have a chance to return to it and raid its innards for some valuable loot. But that takes a bit of preparation and certain events to transpire first. And even then, you will require specific door codes to enter the loot-filled chambers. Our guide will help you get ready to return to the Aurora in Subnautica and equip you with the correct door codes so that you can return to your base with some nice loot.

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How to get back on the Aurora in Subnautica

There is an event that happens a few days into the playthrough. You have to be in relative proximity to the ship and above the ocean surface. The engines of the spaceship will then explode (there is no way of missing that event) and send debris flying. This means that the Aurora can now be accessed, though still with great peril to the player. Further preparation will be needed, so make sure to continue to develop and research while surviving.

When you’re ready to return to the Aurora, follow this checklist of useful equipment to bring with you. Each piece is mandatory so that you can loot the ship in one go.

  • Radiation Suit: The Aurora is filled with dangerous radiation, and you’ll need to have the suit on the whole time to protect you.
  • Seaglide: Vast parts of the ship are submerged underwater, so you’ll need a Seaglide to move around those parts easier.
  • Repair Tool: There are many broken doors that you’ll need to repair along the way, as well as for the Drive room later on.
  • Laser Cutter: You’ll need it to cut through sealed doors to access some of the important rooms on the ship.
  • Propulsion/Repulsion Cannon: You’ll need this tool to help you move the heavy crates scattered around the ship’s rooms and corridors.
  • Survival Knife: Very useful against bleeders and as a backup weapon.
  • Any weapon: Cave Crawlers can be found inside the ship, so unless you want to use the knife or the Repulsion Cannon charges on them, it’s a good idea to have a weapon on hand.

All door codes on the Aurora in Subnautica

The rooms with the most useful loot are protected by special door codes. You can find these out by listening and reading the crew logs but for your convenience, it’s easier to use our list to get into those rooms.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Living Quarters, Cabin 1

There are three cabins in the Living Quarters, but only cabin 1 is locked by a code. To enter this room, you need to enter the code 1869, and in it, you will find Blue Cap, Arcade Gorge Toy, and a PDA log.

Living Quarters, Captain’s Quarters

At the end of the hallway from the Living Quarters is the Captain’s room, which is also locked by a code. To enter it, you’ll need to use the code 2679. In there, you will find an Aurora Miniature, Aurora Poster, a PDA log, and a Data Terminal.

Cargo Bay 4

Beyond the collapsed Cargo Bay 3, you will have to maneuver around some debris until you reach Cargo Bay 4, with another code lock. Enter the code 1454, and inside you’ll find lots of different containers with varied loot, a PDA log, and up to three Cyclops Engine Fragments.


The Laboratory has two locked doors, both of which can be opened with the same code, 6483. These rooms will net you varied loot from containers, three Large Sample Flasksa Cylindrical Sample Flask, a Microscope, and a Sample Analyzer, along with a couple of PDA logs.

Robotics Bay

A curious case of the Robotics Bay is that you get the code for it on a PDA, 6666, but the room cannot be accessed on the Aurora and is considered ruined. In a more meta sense, this room was planned to be included but was cut during the development of Subnautica.