Subnautica Aurora door codes list

Access the Aurora to salvage some of the best materials in the game.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

In Subnautica, you begin your journey next to the giant downed spacecraft known as the Aurora. When you first notice the ship, you may think it’s inaccessible, but you can get inside the ship to recover the goodies inside with the right tools and knowledge. This guide will list all the Aurora door codes and what tools you need to breach the ship.

You will need to be pretty far into the game to be able to get into the Aurora. The Aurora engines exploding is a significant event that needs to happen for the ship to open. You will notice this one day when you are out of your capsule near the ship, as the explosion is impossible to miss.

Tools you need

After the explosion, you can focus on getting the tools required to breach the ship. Below is a list of all the items required to get the most out of your adventures going into the Aurora. 

Radiation Suit: This is a must-have item, as you won’t be able to approach the ship without it due to the immense radiation being put off by the ship. 

Repair Tool: The Repair Tool will allow you to fix the Aurora’s generator room’s breaches to stop radiation from being emitted by the ship. 

Laser Cutter: This will allow you to breach sealed doors inside the Aurora. 

Propulsion Cannon / Repulsion Cannon: The Propulsion or Repulsion Cannon is instrumental in clearing debris inside the Aurora, allowing you to move freely. 

All Aurora door codes in Subnautica

  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Robotics Bay: 6666
  • Cabin No. 1: 1869
  • Lab Access: 6483

Once you have all the tools required, you can make your way to the ship and search for the locked doors. Behind the locked doors lies useful loot worth salvaging. To unlock the door, hover over the code screen next to the door and select the numbers in order.