Sundial Puzzle Solution Guide – Assassins Creed’s Origins Gift From Gods Quest

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Gift From Gods is a new quest added in Assassins Creed Origins after a recent update. You won’t be able to find the quest if you had not updated the game to version 1.10. You can do that through steam, so first do that and then simply you can find this quest on the map. We will give you the exact location of quest and also how to solve it. You will require Meditation skill as a key requirement to solve the Gift from Gods Sundial Puzzle, after solving this you will get rewards with Final Fantasy XV elements. In this guide you will find all solutions to solve the Sundial Puzzle of Gift from God Quest and rewards details.

Origins Gift From Gods Guide

How To Solve Sundial Puzzle


There are three rewards you will earn after completing the Gifts from Gods quest and 1500XP. Before getting the rewards you will also see an amazing cinematic where you will see references from Final Fantasy XV. The three rewards are:

Kweh Mount:

Kweh Legendary Mount

If you remember Chocobo the friendly bird from Final Fantasy XV that is frequently used for travelling then you will see a Chocobo camel knows as Kweh. A weird looking mutant Chocobo that is fitted in a camel’s body.

Ziedrich Shield:

Ziedrich Legendary Shield

A 903 HP, Level 40, Quality 93 shield with range resistance, damage absorption rate and bleeding on block.

Ultimate Blade Regular Sword:

Ultimate Blade Regular Sword

Damage 404 per second, Level 40, Quality 94 sword with critical hit rate, Adrenaline regeneration and health for critical hits.

Gift From Gods Quest Guide

To begin the quest ensure that you had updated the game first. Once done then you will have to look on the Saqqara Nome region that is located on the east side of map. Refer the below image for exact location, you have to reach here to start the quest.

Gift From God Map Location Gift From God Map Location 2

Travel to the place and reach the marked location and this will initiate a small cust-scene of a falling star. This will activate the Gift From Gods Quest.

Reach the Crash Site:

Gift From God Crash Site

Once you start tracking follow the marker to reach the crash site. Once you reach the fallen star you will see a entrance into a tomb.

Explore the Tomb:

Gift From God Sundial

Enter the tomb and you will see a picture of Sundial with a roman numeral XV. You will have to come out from the tomb and head to the next marker.

Solve the Sundial Puzzle:

Gift From God Sundial Puzzle

Go out and walk straight and you will see a bunch of arrows and a area with pillars on your left side. The pillars have a sliding.

Gift From God Sundial Puzzle Pillars

The pillars have sliding sides that reveals blue crystals in them, once you reach the pillars location you will not see the crystals. Use the meditation ability to change the day time to night and wait back. If this does not work then once again use it to turn the night to day and you will see the pillars side will slide down. The pillars will reveal the crystals on a specific day time so use the meditation ability to change the time.

Sundail Puzzle Solution Sundail Puzzle Solution 2

There will the three pillars with the crystals. Looking from the extreme fight, you have to these three crystals in a way that the signs will add up to 15. The solution is above, assume you are standing near the sun-dial center pillar and facing the pillar with crystal in middle. Then you have the shoot the crystal in above formation, shoot the center crystal in front first, then shoot the second crystal on left and then the last third one. Then shoot the first crystal and the last one, this will add up to 15 and it will activate a blue light from them.

Reach the tomb under the Medium Pyramid:

Sundail Puzzle Solution 3

Return to the tomb where you saw the sundial puzzle picture for the first time. You will see the path ahead is now open. Examine the shadow in center. The glass pillar will broke and enjoy the amazing cinematic and gather your rewards. So this is end of this guide, you can unlock all the rewards and check them out through the inventory. For more interesting Assassin’s Creed Origins guide like this check out our AC: Origins WIKI Page.