Super Mario Maker 2 – How To Unlock Night Mode In The Course Creator


Super Mario Maker 2 is out today, and people are already working hard to build fiendish levels for their friends, and internet strangers, to try and beat. The Course Maker contains a couple of secrets, one of which is Night Mode. You can use Night Mode to, you guessed it, change how your level looks, giving it a nighttime theme and changing some of the mechanics as well.

How To Unlock Night Mode

Angry Sun

To unlock Night Mode, all you need to do is place the Angry Sun enemy in your level. To find the Angry Sun, click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen, then go to the fourth enemy wheel. The Angry Sun will be in the bottom section or the six position on a clock. Now, place it anywhere in the level, then tap and hold on it. An option will pop up to switch it to a Moon, and this will activate night mode. You can do this on every theme except Super Mario 3D World.

Night Mode

Power-ups will work a little differently at night time, and lots of the mechanics will be different. Below you can find a rundown of all the differences I know of, but this is not a comprehensive list. Make sure you experiment to see more changes that I will have missed.

  • Underwater: The whole level is dark, except for a small spotlight around the player and other small light sources.
  • Forest: The water is now poison.
  • Underground: The level is inverted, as are controls.
  • Sky: Lower gravity.
  • Ground: Some enemies appear to float.
  • Ghost House: Much like Underwater, the level is dark except for the player spotlight.
  • Desert: Sandstorms will blow the player around.
  • Snow: All platforms will be slippery.
  • Castle: You move as if you are underwater.
  • Airship: Enemies will move as if they are underwater.

That’s everything I have so far but will update the list as I learn more about the differences that Night Mode brings to the game.