Super Mario Maker 2 – How To Use Autoscroll In Course Creator


In Super Mario Maker 2’s Course Creator, the AutoScroll function will cause the camera to scroll down the level automatically, giving players a reason to pick up the pace. In this guide, we will run through how to set up the AutoScroll function. Keep in mind; you want to use it carefully; if the camera overtakes a player, then they fail the course!

How To Use Autoscroll In Super Mario Maker 2

Autoscroll Button

If you want your camera to automatically travel down your level, giving players a reason to run along and adding a little bit of extra difficulty, then you will need to use the Autoscroll function.

You can find this on the left side of the screen, two buttons down from where you pick your theme. The icon looks like a little camera. Click on it to bring up the Autoscroll options.

Autoscroll Options

When you tap on the button, you will be given a range of options to choose from. You can set it to three different speed of Slow, Normal and Fast, or you can turn it off again by selecting None. The final option, custom, is a little more complicated.

The Custom option allows you to set different speeds for different areas of the course. If a section is very complicated, you can set the camera to move Slow, which a more straightforward section can have the difficulty increased by setting the camera to move Fast.

You set the Autoscroll icon in the place where you would like the camera to move from, then use the arrow to set the direction it will move in. Remember, if the camera moves past the player, the course is lost, so make sure to test sections fully to decide if you feel they are fair or not for the skill level you are building for.