How to unlock the Poison Mushroom Course Creator item in Super Mario Maker 2


The poison mushroom is one of the items that all Mario platform players love to hate. It’s one of the few enemies that you can’t escape from no matter where you go on the map. It follows players the entire time. While you can trick it into staying somewhere else using good platforming, there’s usually another one somewhere else lurking to take your regular mushroom away. Anyone who has played the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2 will likely remember the Rotten Produce level, where seemingly an army of Rotten Mushrooms went in for the kill.

However, while the Poison Mushroom shows up every now and again in the game’s Story Mode, it’s not immediately obvious where you can find the enemy in the Course Maker. It’s not there on the interface, and it’s not immediately obvious how to make one and add it to your Course. That’s where we come in!

When creating your course, the secret to adding Poison Mushrooms to your course is to set your course to night. The Poison Mushroom won’t appear in your items unless it is at night time. To set this, go to your items and add an Angry Sun to your course. Here is where you to toggle the Night-Time mode. By pressing and holding the icon, you need to change the Angry Sun to a Moon. This icon changes your game from Day to Night.

After this, go into the item search options, and to items. Here, you should see the Poison Mushroom available to use. After you have access to it, you can then remove the Moon from your course if you don’t wish to have this floating around the level. The Poison Mushroom appears in place of a 1UP Green Mushroom in the Sun, so if you attempt to add the Poison one, and then switch back to daytime, it changes to a +1 Life. You need to stick to night mode if you want Poison Mushrooms.

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