How to delete your course from Course World in Super Mario Maker 2


You know how it goes. You start a new course on Super Mario Maker 2 with the expectation that it’s one of the best courses on the internet, or at least competent enough that your friends can give it a go for some healthy competition. Sometimes it doesn’t entirely turn out how you were hoping and rather than continue working on the mess you want to start over.

However, the Course Maker tools, do not display how to do this, and it’s a little complicated. But fear not, we’re here to tell you how to remove them.

If you want to reset the course you’ve been working on in the Course Maker tools, then it is as simple as using the Rocket Icon in the bottom right corner. This icon is called the Reset Rocket. Pressing and holding this resets the course.

For deleting courses saved to your system, go to the main menu, and click on Coursebot. All of your saved bots are here and to remove a course from your saved list, select it from the men and click A on it. When you have it, bring it to the Trash icon. The Trash icon asks if you’re positive about deleting your course.

After uploading a course to Course World from Coursebot, it then shows an icon confirming the upload. To remove a course from Course World, you need to do the same procedure as if you were deleting it from your system. Deleting from this area should also remove the course from Course World. Please be warned that this completely erases the course from your save file, so if you are taking it down for a revision to the map, we recommend that you have a back-up of your created world to handy to ensure you don’t lose everything by mistake.

You will also need to go onto the Course World Menu. Once there, press Y to head to your profile, where you’ll see uploaded course. From there, click on the one that you want to amend, and then press the delete button. This should remove it from Course World.

We hope that this tip helps, Mario Makers.