How to undo a mistake on Course Maker in Super Mario Maker 2


The course making tools in Super Mario Maker 2, like the first game, are incredibly versatile and allow for anyone to make courses to an expert level. We have already seen some talented makers of courses as early as the first day of the game’s release, so it will almost certainly get even better as time goes on.

The interface for the Course Maker tools can take some time to get around, especially for those that are playing the game docked and using a controller or those who are unable to use the touch screen. You’ll be reliant on the D-Pad for navigating around the tools set on each set. However, after some time with the tools, it’ll come very easy and producing quality courses will take no time at all, only limited by your imagination and cunning to present the world of players with a challenge.

How to undo a mistake on Course Maker

Typically, those looking to create courses with precise mechanics, like Speedrun style courses where you have to time everything perfectly on the first attempt due to the meticulous nature of the object placements, will take their time with a putting down placements. Those who like to use more things on a map will probably find themselves making more small mistakes. That said, regardless as to what type of map you are making, or how careful you are with your course making, mistakes are inevitable.

Thankfully, there is an Undo button on hand that can resolve a simple mistake very quickly, one that’s not immediately obvious without looking for it on the toolsets. You can use the D-Pad to navigate to the Right-Hand side of the interface, scroll down and use the Dog to Undo the last action or touch this button using the touchscreen. You can see where this is on the screenshot below, with the button circled in red. This will be the likely easiest way to undo a mistake when editing in portable mode with the touchscreen.

via in game

Alternatively using a controller be it Joy-cons or the Pro Controller, while you are in the middle of editing your course, you can also press and hold the B button on the controller. This should show the Dog icon activate, and after a short time of pressing, it should Undo the last action you made on your course. From there, you’ll be good to continue with editing your course.

We hope that this tip helps with your Mario Course Making!