What’s in the red pipe in Super Mario Party and how do I open it?

There’s a bunch of new modes and features to unlock in Super Mario Party that will make you want to play the game for hours either by yourself or with friends.

Most of the modes, such as Toad’s Rec Room and Challenge Road, are unlocked by completing set actions in the game. These actions include playing a few boards or unlocking every minigame. But one object in the overworld doesn’t play by the rules.

Super Mario Party Red Pipe Guide

In the overworld, behind the boards and to the left of the main stage, you’ll find a lone red pipe with a Piranha Plant happily chewing away. No matter how many boards you play, minigames you unlock, or characters you find, the red pipe never seems to open and can feel like a mystery to those who play the game.

Thankfully, however, there’s a way to unblock the pipe so you can find out what lies beneath.

How To Open Red Pipe

To unblock the pipe, all you need to do is collect two of the five gems in the game. Once you do this, the next time you go toward the red pipe, a cutscene will play and that pesky Piranha Plant will be removed, allowing you to access the mystery mode down below.


You’ll find out that all you unlocked was the ability to create fun little scenarios and backgrounds using the in-game stickers. You can make Mario run away from a star instead of toward it, or have some of your favorite characters hang out on a familiar stage. Every scene that you make comes down to your imagination.

And yes, all that effort you put in to get rid of the Piranha Plant in the red pipe was to give you the option to use stickers. So be sure to have as much fun with it as possible. You’ve earned it.

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