How To Refill Ink As Inkling In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Ink Mechanic Explained

When you play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you may want to play with style. In this case, one of the options you have is to choose as fighter one Inkling from Splatoon 2 (six different costumes and I’ve said it all).

Playing with Inkling, you will also have some of the original weapons available, which makes them one of the characters at the top of the tier list.

Similarly to what happens in Splatoon 2, Inkling can cover opponents with Ink and deal extra damage with subsequent hits. That’s why you would like to know how to handle your ink: not to exhaust your most precious resource at the worst moment.

Inkling’s Ink Mechanic Explained

How to Refill Ink as Inkling

If you are entirely out of ink, you have to press B. But we think you don’t want to be in this condition, because it means you can’t do your best with subsequential hits, losing a massive amount of damage.

So remember to refill ink when you still have some left. To do it, you have to hold both B key and the shoulder button (to bring up your shield). You will enter in squid mode and gradually recharge the indicator of the ink on the screen. In this phase you can also move through the inked surfaces of the arena, giving you a speed advantage.

The only disadvantage of this condition is that during the recharge you are incredibly vulnerable, so assure yourself to be in a safe zone when activating it.

Are you ready to overturn your opponents and the playing area with your inkjets?