SVs, TVs, Base Stats, and Stat Totals –Temtem stats explained

We break down Temtem’s Single Values (SVs), Training Values (TVs), base stats, and stat totals.

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A look into the Single Values (SVs), Training Values (TVs), and base stats, and how they relate to each Temtem’s stats and growth overall.

What are Stats?

Stats are what, aside from strategy, determine how well your Temtem will perform in battle.

There are 7 different kinds of stats:

  1. HP – Hit Points
  2. STA – Stamina
  3. SPD – Speed
  4. ATK – Physical Attack
  5. DEF – Physical Defense
  6. SPATK – Special Attack
  7. SPDEF – Special Defense

SVs – Single Values

Everyone wants their tamed Temtems to be strong, but not all Temtem are created equal. Every Temtem has a Single Value (SV) stat randomly assigned to each of their seven stats. This value is between 1 and 50 and cannot be changed by any outside factors. Though through breeding, you can breed newly born Temtem to have better SVs by pairing two parents that have strong SVs where the other is weak. The egg will always inherit the best possible SVs for each stat from its parents.

Starters SVs are not random: They will always be the same. Luma Temtems, on the other hand, will always have 3 or more maxed out SVs. High stats appear in green, low stats in red.

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TVs – Training Values

Unlike SVs, Training Values (TVs) are something you have control over. When you tame or hatch a Temtem, they will come with no TVs. Every opponent Temtem defeated or captured offers TVs of a certain stat to the Temtem that defeated it. It is wise to focus on defeating Temtems that will raise the TVs you want to focus on, since each stat can hold up to 500 TVs, but each Temtem can only hold 1,000 total.

There are also special fruit items called Enhancer Fruits and Weakener Fruits that can automatically raise or lower a TV stat on a Temtem.

Base Stats

Bases stats are the stats that each species of Temtem has to begin with. Some species may favor once stat over another. For example: Crystle has a much higher base defense than the other 2 starter Temtem. Base stats will only get higher whenever a Temtem evolves.

Stat Totals

Stat totals are the outcome of all three of these stats combined. This will be what dictates how well or how poorly your Temtem will perform in battle. If your Temtem is lacking in a certain stat, try teaching it a move that will temporarily boost that stat in battle.