How to rename your Temtem

You can make your Temtem experience unique by renaming the creatures you capture and giving them a stand out name while in your squad.

Temtem is all about having your adventure by collecting uniqueTemtem creatures and using them to battle other Tamers. Eventually, you need to face off against the powerful Dojo leaders of the floating islands to advance through the game. Along the way, you may grow attached to your Temtem and want to give them names that have meaning for them and to you. It’s a great way to make them stand out in your squad, especially when battling another player Tamers.

When you first capture Temtem in the game, you have the option to rename them immediately. It’s on the right side of the screen underneath their stats where you can see the moves they know, their level, stats, and their trait. If you rename the Temtem, you can change it to whatever you want, and it will always have that name, even when it evolves.

If you don’t rename them when you immediately capture them, you do not have the option to rename them later on in the game. When you open up the squad section in your menu, you cannot attempt to change the name, and there’s no given option on your screen. The same result happens when you go to the computer at a vendor to view all of your available Temtem. If you click on any and open them up, it’s a similar screen to what you see when you open your squad.

For now, you have to make sure you rename them upon capture. If you don’t, you miss your chance, and we’re going to update this guide if developers Crema add in a quicker way to do it.