Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7: Dragonlands — All Dragons, costs, stats, and more

Get a flying start with our guide to Dragons.

Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands splash image featuring triumphant Pengu surrounded by Dragons

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With the fast-approaching release of Set 7: Dragonlands for Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Riot’s popular autobattler game, many players have been wondering how the namesake mythical creatures of the expansion would work. Fret not, we are here to illuminate you on the subject, with details on who the new Dragons are and what are their costs, traits, and powers.

What exactly are Dragons going to be in TFT: Dragonlands?

Being this expansion’s set-specific mechanic, while also representing an iconic part of both mythical and gaming pantheon, Dragons have a lot to prove in both terms of utility and aesthetics. And while the Runeterran universe boasts a few known dragons, only two of them were Champions, namely Aurelion Sol and Shyvana. The devs behind TFT had an opportunity to expand that playing field, incorporating art and models from various dragon-themed skins to create new, interesting Dragons for the new Set 7.

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All of them share their namesake trait, and the Dragon trait works in a similar way to how the Rival trait functioned in Set 6 — namely, granting a buff while there is only one unit with said trait on the board. However, each of the seven Dragons comes from their separate realm, meaning that their trait buffs only specific champions who also hail from that same realm as the Dragon providing the buff.

Being integral to the expansion, the Dragons also double as super-powerful units. They benefit from triple the bonus from their Origin trait, while also taking up two roster slots, just like a Colossus unit from Set 6. They make up for that with substantial base stats and unique abilities. However, all that comes at a cost — each Dragon costs double the price for their rarity when they show up on your shopping carousel.

All Dragons and their abilities in TFT: Set 7

The following list details all seven Dragons coming in TFT Set 7: Dragonlands, including their costs, traits, and unique abilities.

Ao Shin

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Cost: 10 gold
Traits: Tempest Dragon
Ability ⁠— Lightning Rain: Ao Shin fires a barrage of 15 lightning strikes at random enemies. Each strike deals 250/400/10,000 magic damage and drains 20 Mana from his target.

Aurelion Sol

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Cost: 10 gold
Traits: Astral Evoker Dragon
Ability ⁠— Black Hole: Aurelion Sol summons an unstable black hole underneath a random enemy. After 2 seconds it implodes, dealing 200/350/5,000 magic damage to all enemies in the area and reducing their Attack Damage by 40 for 5 seconds. Each cast the area increases by 50% and damage increases by 200/350/5,000.


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Cost: 8 gold
Traits: Mirage Dragon
Ability ⁠— Echo Wind
Passive: Daeja’s attacks deal 100/180/500 bonus magic damage and reduce the target’s Magic Resist by 3.
Active: Daeja sends a wind blast toward the largest group of enemies, dealing 200/300/1,000 magic damage. For the next 5 seconds, Daeja’s attacks launch three barrages.


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Cost: 8 gold
Traits: Shimmerscale Guardian Dragon
Ability ⁠— Golden Scales: Idas hardens her scales for 2 seconds, reducing incoming damage by 50/75/300. She then roars, healing herself for 400/700/1,500 Health and shielding other allies for 200/300/600 for 5 seconds. The shield grants 40% attack speed while it holds.

Shi Oh Yu

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Cost: 8 gold
Traits: Jade Mystic Dragon
Ability ⁠— Jade Rush: Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining 35% damage reduction, immunity to crowd control, and empowering her next 3 attacks with special effects.
Attack 1: Deals 200/225/250% Attack Damage as physical damage and stuns the target for 1 second.
Attack 2: Deals 200/225/250% Attack Damage as true damage.
Attack 3: Ends the stance, dealing 200/225/250% Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies in a line and knocking them up for 1 second.


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Cost: 10 gold
Traits: Ragewing Shapeshifter Dragon
Ability ⁠— Dragon’s Descent: Shyvana transforms into Dragon Form for the rest of combat, replacing her ability with Flame Breath. She then becomes untargetable before dive-bombing the largest group of enemies, dealing 200/300/1,000 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
Flame Breath: Shyvana breathes fire in a cone, dealing 35/50/200% of the enemy’s maximum Health as magic damage.


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Cost: 8 gold
Traits: Whispers Bruiser Dragon
Ability ⁠— Rampage: Sy’fen charges toward the farthest enemy within 3 hexes, dealing 400/500/1,000% Attack Damage as physical damage and knocking up enemies they pass through. If no enemies are nearby, he charges again. After charging, Sy’fen bits an enemy, dealing 450% Attack Damage as physical damage and ignoring 50% of the target’s Armor.

What is the Treasure Dragon and how does it work?

Along with the seven Dragons who take on an active role listed above, there is also a special, eighth Dragon. Replacing the Raptors once you reach rounds 4-7, he provides you with an interesting choice and power boost that will remind players of Armories from Set 5.

The Treasure Dragon will offer players their pick from a choice of items, gold, and even special bonuses, with an option to reroll their picks for just one gold coin. However, you are bound to what you picked, and you have to take everything that’s on offer, not just what you want, and leave the rest. The Treasure Dragon is an all-in type of beast.

When is Set 7: Dragonlands releasing?

It was confirmed by Riot that the new expansion for TFT will be released with Patch 12.11 on June 8, with the new Set first dropping on PBE two weeks earlier, on May 24.