Technical Test week 1 challenges for Hyper Scape

Complete the first week of challenges while you can.

Image via Ubisoft

Hyper Scape is currently in its first week, and the game has not officially dropped yet. Right now, it’s only available for select Twitch streamers and those who receive Twitch drops to get a code for the game. All you need is an Uplay and Twitch account, and then to connect them to receive the codes. When you receive a code, you need to download Uplay to your PC to access the game. After that, you’re good to go to give the game a try to see if you like it. 

Hyper Scape is in a technical test, so make sure to get into it while you can. It’s only available from July 2 to July 8, but your progress will continue when the game officially launches. Because your progress will carry over, the weekly challenges in the game do matter, and you will want to finish them up while running around the Neo Arcadia, the virtual city you’re fighting in Hyper Scape. You can complete these weekly challenges while you’re roaming around, and you can earn points to level up your technical test battle test to receive exclusive rewards.

  • Break 75 barricades – 50 Battle Points
  • Deal 500 damage with the Ripper – 50 Battle Points
  • Break 8 supply crates – 50 Battle Points
  • Fuse 35 items from Restore Points – 100 Battle Points
  • Outlive 300 enemies in any game mode – 100 Battle Points
  • Reach the Showdown 5 times – 100 Battle Points
  • Deal 750 damage with hacks – 200 Battle Points
  • Eliminate 50 other enemies 200 Battle Points

You can view the available challenges by exploring the starting area and fighting the portal to the right side of the area to access the battle pass. It will give you a break down of the available rewards and what challenges you can do. While these are the weekly challenges, there will be daily challenges you can complete every day you check out Hyper Scape.