The 10 worst villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The ones you never want to see on your island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The villagers in the Animal Crossing games come in a variety of designs. Some villagers are sought, traded, and bought. Others make the player consider restarting the game when they appear. 

The worst villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As with the best villagers list, everything is a matter of personal opinion. One player’s hated villager maybe someone’s favorite. Personalities and appearance both factor into whether a villager is loved or hated. The smug personality makes the villager haughty and rude, but players are willing to ignore that when the villager is cute. When they’re ugly, then they end up with their own hate-filled Subreddit.

While it’s all personal opinion, there are some villagers that players love to hate.

10. Pietro

File:Pietro NL.png
Image via Nintendo

Pietro is an unusual case: he is either loved or hated with no in-between. He is quite popular on forums and is sought out by some. Others are happy to get rid of him. Pietro is a sheep with a clown theme, which appeals to a very select crowd. If you’re unfortunate enough to find Pietro moving into your island, seek out a new home for him on Reddit or various Animal Crossing forums.

9. Limberg

File:Limberg NLa.png
Image via Nintendo

The mice villagers tend to have cheese-themed names. Sometimes it’s cute. Chadder, while not the most popular, isn’t the worst villager to have. Limberg is terrible: a bright orange mouse with an odd green five-o-clock shadow around his mouth and blue ears. Why does he have a five-o-clock shadow that makes him look like a molded piece of cheese? On top of his poor visual design, he has a cranky personality. Cranky villagers aren’t bad villagers. They are portrayed as older, calling the player kid and referencing their age. When a mouse named after cheese with a five-o-clock shadow calls you a kid, it just feels weird.

8. Barold

File:Barold NL.png
Image via Nintendo

Much like Limberg listed above, Barold sports a hefty five-o-clock shadow. This dark grey cub has even darker facial hair that accents the lack of hair on his head. Again, why give any of them an odd five-o-clock shadow? Why is this a necessary trait for them to have? Unlike Limberg, Barold has a lazy personality. This personality is already hit and miss, but combined with the, frankly, creepy appearance is just repulsive.

7. Rocket

File:Rocket NL.png
Image via Nintendo

Gorillas are overwhelmingly disliked. Three of them appear on this list, starting with Rocket. Rocket is a light gorilla with a pink jumpsuit and helmet. It’s vibrant, out of style, and an eyesore. On top of it all, Rocket has a sisterly personality. Sisterly is one of the least liked personalities of the eight. Villagers with the sisterly personality, or uchi, tease and can come off as rude to the player in ways that are less endearing than the smug or snooty personalities.

6. Violet

File:Violet NLa.png
Image via Nintendo

Violet is another gorilla villager. This time with the snooty personality. The snooty personality is one of the most popular, but only if the villager is cute. Violet is not. Violet is a purple gorilla. Her catchphrase has evolved from “faboom” to “sweetie.” The latter is condescending and irritating.

5. Al

File:Al NLa.png
Image via Nintendo

At this point, it’s fair to say most people don’t like the gorilla characters. Violet and Rocket may be bad, but they’re mild compared to the near-universal hatred for Al. To be blunt, Al is ugly. He has huge, shocked eyes and larger mouth than most gorilla characters. He also has a lackluster lazy personality, giving him almost no redeeming qualities.

4. Beardo

File:Beardo NL.png
Image via Nintendo

Beardo finds a lot of hate based on his appearance. He is a light blue bear with brown, fluffy fur on his chest and stomach. The location and color of the fur on his belly has drawn some more mature comparisons from players and sent a lot of hate his way. While his belly fur may be the worst of it, his mutton chops and bald head aren’t helping him. It’s hard to deny his used car salesman appearance and that he desperately needs pants.

3. Tammi

File:Tammi NLa.png
Image via Nintendo

Tammi is a bright monkey villager. At first, she doesn’t seem so bad. She may sport bright yellow fur, but it’s not terrible with her grey stripes. Then she turns around and the nightmarish orange eyes contrasting violently against her yellow fur peer into your very soul. Tammi has a peppy personality. Peppy villagers are always cheerful and have ambitions of fame. Their constant cheer and talk of fame and stardom can be obnoxious. It’s a personality that’s easier to tolerate from a cute villager that doesn’t look like a possessed demon.

2. Croque

File:Croque NL.png
Image via Nintendo

Croque isn’t the worst character but suffers from terrible visual design. A bright red frog with a mustache and cranky personality doesn’t earn him any praise. To make matters worse, his “as if” catchphrase makes even genuine statements sound insincere and rud.

1. Rodney

File:Rodney NL.png
Image via Nintendo

Rodney is an unassuming hamster with a smug personality. The smug personality is popular, making Rodney’s appearance on this list, let alone topping the list, unusual. Characters can get away with the smug personality and the insulting nature of it when they’re cute. Rodney is not cute. Rodney has the unfortunate luck to have a bland appearance, at best. A dull design combined with the casual insults and ego of the smug personality made Rodney one of the most hated villagers. He even has an entire subreddit dedicated to hating him. And it’s very active. 

What villagers players hate is a matter of opinion, but a lot of players hate the same villagers. Others enjoy the meme or the joke behind them. Without a consistent and reliable way to remove villagers, players need a good sense of humor or a lot of luck when dealing with a disliked resident.

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