How to avoid 5 common mistakes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Whether you’re new to Animal Crossing, or just need a refresh.

Daisy Mae and the Mistakes

Whether Animal Crossing: New Horizons is your first Animal Crossing game or not, there are often some issues that you can fall victim to having not played the franchise for a while, or at all. Here are five common mistakes that are easy to make, and more importantly, how to avoid them.

Using a Nook Miles Ticket with a full inventory

Using a Nook Miles Ticket can be a great way to get new things for your island, or a bundle of items to sell in the shop. That said, if you arrive at the island with no space in your inventory, you can’t take anything back with you.

How to avoid the problem:

Have at least two rows of inventory space available when you use a Nook Miles Ticket.

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Screengrab via Nintendo

Paying off a loan with all of your bells

Everyone is in a hurry to pay off those Tom Nook loans, but if you use all of your bells to pay him off, there is a chance you may miss some good daily deals or store offers. It’s good to always have some currency on you, even if that means paying off the loan will take a little longer.

How to avoid the problem:

Pay off as much of your loan as you can while keeping 15,000, at least in your savings or pockets.

Paying Loans
Screengrab via Nintendo

Having nothing for a wasp attack

Shaking trees to get fruits, bells, furniture, and branches is a lot of fun. That said, being stung by wasps if a wasp nest falls is no fun. If it happens once, they will injure you. If it happens again, while you are already injured, you will faint.

How to avoid the problem:

Always have your net equipped when you shake trees, so you can try to catch the wasps instead.

Note: In case you fail to catch them, you should also always carry around 2-5 bags of medicine to heal yourself with.

Catching Wasps
Screengrab via Nintendo

Eating Turnips

If you go some with some turnips, you may try to quickly put everything in storage, which would cause you to eat the turnips by mistake, as eat them is the lowest and only secondary choice on the list.

How to avoid the problem:

Put your turnips on the floor of your home or ground of your yard until you are ready to sell them.

Turnip Seller
Screengrab via Nintendo

Popping balloons over water

If you pop a present balloon with the slingshot over any body of water, even a river on your island, you will lose the present. There is no way to undo this.

How to avoid the problem:

Either wait for the balloon to float over land or move fast and pop it before it goes out to sea.

Waiting for the right time
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