The 10 best Genji skins in Overwatch 2

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Image via Activision Blizzard

Genji is one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes because of his interesting backstory and the simple fact that he is a cyborg ninja. The little brother of Hanzo Shimada has had no shortage of amazing skins like many other characters in the game, so here is a quick list of his ten best cosmetics in Overwatch 2.

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Genji’s best skins in Overwatch 2

2018 Pacific All-Stars

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To celebrate the first Overwatch League All-Stars, Genji and Tracer got themed skins to commemorate the event. Genji’s is a fiery inferno skin that will put the fear in any Support enemy you dive on.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Genji and Hanzo’s Japanese heritage is fully on display in both characters. With Baihu, Overwatch celebrated the 2018 Lunar New Year by giving Genji a skin fit for a samurai.


Screenshot by Gamepur

We are absolute suckers for lore skins in Overwatch. The Blackwatch skin is a look back at Genji shortly after Hanzo tried to murder him and left him for dead. Mercy worked hard to keep him alive, which is the beginning look of his cyborg life.

Carbon Fiber

Screenshot by Gamepur

Carbon Fiber is the only non-legendary skin on this list, a simple palette swap to a darker tone for Genji’s base skin.

Cyber Demon

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Cyber Demon is Overwatch 2’s first Mythic skin available in the season one pass. It has changeable colors, masks, tattoo patterns, and swords, letting you change the look of Genji in-between games.

Ice Wraith

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ice Wraith is a Winter Wonderland skin that transforms the lovable Genji into a wintery warrior with ice spiking out of various areas.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Illidan skin is a homage to the character of the same name from the Warcraft franchise. Genji takes on the look of the first Demon Hunter, which is definitely not a bad thing for any longtime fans. Unfortunately, this skin was only available during the 2019 Blizzcon.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Sentai is an Anniversary event skin that is a nod to the classic television series of the same name. Essentially, he is a Power Ranger and has some great skin-exclusive voice lines.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Sparrow is a look at Genji before he was attacked by Hanzo. This skin has a darker color palette that would convey what he would wear while carrying out orders for his father when he was the leader of the Shimada clan.

Young Genji

Screenshot by Gamepur

Young Genji is a lighter recolor of the Sparrow skin that conveys the character’s party life that would lead to Hanzo attempting to kill him. He has green hair and an overconfident look at life during this time.