The 10 best Marvel’s Spider-Man PC mods

With great mods comes great responsibility.

Image via Insomniac Games

With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered on PC, the modding community is going wild with fantastic mods, as to be expected. These mods showcase the creativity of the modders and most importantly, their love for the amazing web-slinger and the overall Marvel franchise. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC right now.

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Classic Symbiote Suit 1.5

Image via DarthJak90

This mod by Jak90_UK gives players the ability to suit up with the Classic Symbiote Suit from the comics by replacing the Scarlett Spider suit. The design is highly accurate to the one in the comics and will get better as more tools become available.

Kingpin Mod

Image via Lucifer6667676

Ever wanted to swing around the city as Big Willy himself? This mod by Robin lets you do exactly that. Willfully grace the citizens and criminals of New York with the presence of the Kingpin and show them who’s boss.

Miles Morales Into the Spider-verse suit

Image via kaieuukurogane

This mod by kaieuukurogane replaces the Peter Parker Spider-Verse suit in the game with the Miles Morales Spider-Verse suit. It essentially replaces the red and blue texture with bold black and red. According to them, this is the closest they can get to make it as accurate as possible. So, a more accurate version will be available later on.

Photorealistic Movie Graphics by Reshade Guy (Sam Raimi Vibes)

Image via TheRealAB

Another great Sam Raimi movie mod is the Photorealistic Movie Graphics Reshade by Reshade Guy. If you ever wanted to make the game look like a Sam Raimi movie, well this is your chance. The mod greatly enhances the look of the game and gives it a more cinematic experience than ever before.

Spider-Man 3 Black Suit

Image via KinchanH

There is a noticeable absence of the black suit from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 movie in the game. With the help of modder CSD59ALL, now you’ll get to swing across New York City by wearing the black suit in its full glory. According to CSD59ALL, the mod will get a more dramatic boost in texture and quality when more tools become available, but for now, you can still embrace the energy of the black suit.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Final Swing Suit

Image via Andrei867

Let’s admit it, the final scene in No Way Home had us all in awe of the beauty of the Spider-Man suit that was used to swing across snowy New York. With the help of modder Andrei, you can now experience swinging across New York yourself with that suit. The mod replaces the Upgraded Suit with the final swing suit. The colors pop up and look amazing with this mod.

Stan Lee Mod

image via tiffsomniac

Stan Lee is a name that will be forever synonymous with Marvel and Spider-Man, and what better way to pay tribute to the legend than to have him fly around New York City? With a mod from tiffsomniac you can do exactly that. This mod replaces the Spider clan suit with Stan Lee in a Tuxedo and unmasks the Bagman suit with his head. There’s not much to say except, “Excelsior!”

Symbiote Black Suit

Image via jedijosh920

The Symbiote has an iconic relationship with Spider-Man that has spanned comics, movies, and video games. But, unfortunately, there is no Symbiote suit to put on in Marvel’s Spider-Man. But with the help of jedijosh920, the Symbiote Black Suit is available. It replaces the colors of the Advanced Suit and is more similar to the comic version.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suit

Image via Darth Elgor

This mod by TangoTeds replaces the Future Foundation suit with one from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This seems to be the base version of the mod as the TangoTeds has said more updates are coming soon. But even then, this is a great mod for lovers of the Andrew Garfield Spidey movies.

The Superior Spider-Man

Image via timelord1102

This mod by montmaj replaces the Iron Spider suit design with the one from the Superior Spider-Man comics. The design is a simple redesign with a more prominent presence of black along with red throughout the suit. It makes every encounter with enemies much more exciting.