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The 10 best mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Try some of these mods for your next playthrough.

Modding has always been one of the essential experiences in Minecraft, no matter the version. The game is a perfect framework to build upon, with mods varying in scope and complexity to cater to practically everyone. Even the mobile version of Minecraft, the Pocket Edition, has a thriving modding community, and there are plenty of mods to pick from to augment your game. In this article, we’re going to highlight 10 of our favorite mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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10. Better Vanilla Combat

Image via MCPEDL

This combat mod enhances the vanilla combat experience without doing anything outlandish. That makes it very vanilla-friendly while including a few no-brainer mechanics such as headshots, weapon effects, sweeping strikes, and more.

9. Dynamic Lighting RTX

Image via MCPEDL

This is one of those mods that you have to wonder how you played without it. Dynamic Lighting RTX enhances the light emitted by various objects in the game, making it more smooth and more believable. It plays with the colors of the light as well, with each source having a distinct glow that “makes sense” when you see it, thereby increasing immersion. 

8. Dynamic Trees

Image via MCPEDL

The trees in Minecraft PE can sometimes feel a bit static and mundane, but with Dynamic Trees, you can have them behave and look much better. There are reskins for oak, birch, and palm trees, as well as animations when you cut them. But that’s not all, some tree-related produce has been updated or added as well, making logging much more worthwhile.

7. Expansive Biomes

Image via MCPEDL

Expansive Biomes is a large mod that changes more than simply expanding on biomes in Minecraft Pocket Edition. While it adds over twenty new biomes to the game, they also come filled with new mobs, blocks, items, and more. For example, there are new versions and recipes for tools and armor that fit with the new biomes, so you can really shake up your gameplay.

6. Item Physics

Image via MCPEDL

This mod might sound very simple on the surface — and frankly, it is — but it’s one of those small immersion mods that help with the gameplay experience. In a nutshell, this mod adds dynamic 3D physics to all items in the game, as well as some fun toggled features such as the ability for mobs to steal your items and item naming.

5. Modern Furniture

Image via MCPEDL

Among the more aesthetic mods, Modern Furniture stands out as a very complete package, with a huge range of options to build and decorate. Moreover, it’s easy to include in survival playthrough as well as the build mode, letting you pick and choose how to use the mod. There are crafting options included as well, and various color options for everything so that you can mix and match as much as you want. 

4. True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse

Image via MCPEDL

This mod completely overhauls the game and makes Minecraft Pocket Edition a brutal survival game set during the zombie apocalypse. It removes all other hostile mobs from the world (except a few that are hardcoded) and replaces them with zombies, then adds a ton more zombies on top of that. If you need a more challenging survival experience, this is the perfect mod for you.

3. Utility HUD

Image via MCPEDL

Quality-of-life mods are always a good thing to have, and Utility HUD is exactly what you’d need if you’re not happy with the limited UI of Minecraft Pocket Edition. This mod comes with several submods that let you customize exactly how and what you see. You can even set it up so that you can see more info about other players at a glance. The type and amount of information are all up to you and fully customizable. 

2. Villagers Come Alive

Image via MCPEDL

The villager NPCs in Minecraft Pocket Edition are pretty static and, frankly, dull. This mod changes that by giving you a chance to interact with them for more than just trading. You can gift them cake and have them develop relationships, or gift them gold to hire them as bodyguards. You can also equip them to make them more useful and feed them to help them heal. All in all, this mod spruces up the NPC life in Minecraft in a major way, and there is a lot to discover when it comes to villager interactions.

1. World Wild Animals

Image via MCPEDL

This is a very promising mod that adds more animal types to each specific biome. Currently, there are only savanna and arctic biomes fully covered, with more to come. But it not only adds more unique animals, but they all behave in different ways and have realistic personalities and specific loot drops. This truly enriches the experience, and with more biomes being added, this is one mod to look out for. 

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