The best Minecraft: Pocket Edition texture packs

Give Minecraft PE a new look with the best texture packs.

Despite being the mobile version of the game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is still full of customization and opportunities for creativity. You can do just about everything you could in the base game on PC or console.

This is true for texture packs as well, which you can easily install on your game to change the way things in the game appear. These packs can make things more realistic or do the exact opposite. Whichever way you prefer, you’re probably wondering which packs are the best ones to use. Luckily, we have those right here for you.

Autumn Pack

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We can hold on to that feeling of autumn for as long as we want to with this pack. It pretty much changes the colors of all leaves to be beautiful reds and oranges, and it even brings some new flowers to the game as well.

Defscape Texture Pack

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The purpose of this pack is improve the visuals on every block in the game by upping the resolution of each one to 64×64. It causes them to look real clean and sharp, and they don’t lose that Minecraft charm.

Flow’s HD

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This pack offers a revamp for the textures of both interiors and exteriors, giving everything a brand new shiny sheen. It will also give you new blocks to use for designing more modern-looking interiors.


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If you really want to add realism to your Minecraft experience, then FuseRealism will do just that. The ultra-high defintion quality of this pack, with a resolution of 256×256, will make every block stand out.

GTA San Andreas GUI

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San Andreas is one of the best games in the GTA series and that makes this pack all the sweeter. While it doesn’t fundamentally change the game, it does give a fun twist to the normal Minecraft formula.

Little Nightmares GUI

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You can bring the world of Little Monsters into Minecraft by bringing the user interface of that game into your phone. It even adds the soundtrack of Little Monsters, which is also a true delight.

ModernHD PE

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Bring Minecraft into the modern era with a texture pack that allows you to design a home as if you were right here in our world. It offers a lot of new surfaces like stained glass and comes with a new bed for you to use. Plus, it is in high-definition, so all the blocks look good.

Player Hitbox Display

Another pack that can help make the game a little easier by showing you the hit-boxes of the players around you. Now you’ll know where weapons or other dangers need to hit in order to hurt them.

Shrek the Saviour

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Shrek is a meme that we aren’t sure how it happened, but we love it. And now you can add Shrek t-posing to your Minecraft game. He comes in when you need him as you inch closer to death. He can’t be killed. Shrek is, after all, the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

X-Ray Texture Pack

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This texture pack is more of a cheat, really, as it removes all the basic blocks of the game so that you can easily see where all the ores are. If you use this pack, you can craft a diamond armor set and weapons very easily.