The 10 best songs from Guitar Hero’s history

The songs you never get tired of playing.

Image via Activision Blizzard

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Guitar Hero is known for letting players play iconic songs as if they were actually on stage performing them. It wasn’t a real guitar that you were using, but that didn’t make the experience any less enjoyable. No matter which entry you played, there were some songs you enjoyed more than others, and you would find yourself playing them repeatedly just to get better.

Guitar Hero did a great job of collecting some of the best rock songs to let players feel like they were playing in a rock band. Even though every player has their favorite set of songs, there were certain tracks that stood out above the rest. Here are our personal picks for the 10 best songs from Guitar Hero, spanning all the games that have been released.

#10. Through the Fire and Flames – Dragonforce

This is the song that everyone knows because it is incredibly hard to beat in Guitar Hero 3 on Expert Mode. Everyone talks about beating it, it’s fun to play with friends, and it’s a seven minute song that will test your stamina. While most people know it for the difficulty, the song wouldn’t be as well known if the music wasn’t great to listen to.

#9. Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

Guitar Hero World Tour brought us the signature song of Bon Jovi, which makes you want to sing while you are playing the guitar. The song is catchy, the notes matched the tune of the beat, and you can easily find yourself playing the song repeatedly. Livin’ On A Prayer is a fun song to play that lets you take a break from other rock songs, and yet make you feel like you’re playing with a popular rock band.

#8. Sing – Ed Sheeran

Guitar Hero Live brought us Sing by Ed Sheeran, which is a catchy song to play to. It’s not too difficult to get the hang of, and it’s a song that you can also find yourself playing without getting bored of the lyrics. It might not be Ed Sheeran’s greatest song, but it has all the qualities of a fun song. It’s a great example that shows Guitar Hero doesn’t need rock music to give us a great guitar experience.

#7. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X – The Fall of Troy

This is a bonus song in Guitar Hero 3, but F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X is a great song that introduces you to the intensity of being in a rock band. It is fast paced, will require a lot of practice, and will challenge you in ways that help you become better at Guitar Hero. Not only that, it’s a song that’s great to listen to, and the intensity helps you immerse yourself in the experience.

#6. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Eye of the Tiger is another classic song that came to Guitar Hero World Tour. It’s the same motivational song that makes you want to work harder at getting better. It helps that Eye of the Tiger is easy to listen to, a classic that’s hard to get tired of, which makes it easier to replay over and over again.

#5. Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine

Bulls On Parade isn’t the hardest song on the playlist, but it’s one of the more memorable songs due to the way it begins. With practice, you can get better quickly and keep experiencing the intense feeling of playing a song in front of a large audience. It’s a song with a decent length as well, making it easier to keep up your stamina and run more practice sessions.

#4. Reptilla – The Strokes

The lead up for this song is great in Guitar Hero 3, preparing you for the flurry of notes that will arrive later. Apart from being a great song to listen to, the notes are quick to fly and will test your reflexes as a player. It’s deceptively challenging, but a song you can’t stop playing because it sounds great every time you play.

#3. Suck My Kiss – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Suck My Kiss is a song that starts off relatively easy, though it will pick up as the track keeps going. When you start getting to the end, the difficulty picks up and it requires a lot of practice. But the song itself sounds great and it’s fun to practice at the beginning. Suck My Kiss is a great addition and the difficulty fits the song well.

#2. The Beast and the Harlot – Avenged Sevenfold

The Beast and the Harlot is a fast paced song that will have you racing to keep up with the flood of notes. The song itself is a great representation of rock that fits the mood you will be feeling as you are doing your best to keep up. It’s not the easiest song to master, but you will know what to expect when the Beast and the Harlot comes on in the background.

#1. Everlong – Foo Fighters

Everlong isn’t in the same realm of difficulty as Through the Fire and Flames, but it is still a difficult song in Guitar Hero 2. But the song is great to listen to, and the notes match the beat of the song well. You will be doing your best to keep up with the pace of the notes, but you will be enjoying yourself the entire time.