The 5 tips you need to know for Battle Royale in MLB The Show 22

A Flawless victory.

Screenshot by Gamepur

MLB The Show 22’s Diamond Dynasty mode is full of different ways for you to play against either the AI or other players via online multiplayer. One of the more fun multiplayer modes to hop into is Battle Royale. In this mode, you’ll draft a full 26-man roster that you’ll then take into online play to try to reach 12 wins. Hitting that elusive Flawless ranking can be difficult, but we have a few tips that should help you out. Playing the game well will be key, but once you have that down, you’ll want to make sure your draft is the best it can be. To that end, our tips will mostly focus on what you should look for when building your team.

Make your Diamonds big hitters

In the draft, you’ll choose between two sets of Diamond players. Using either of these selections on a pitcher seems to be a waste because of how the game handles stamina. Instead, you want to pick up two players who can really put the bat on the ball. We like going for contact hitters, but if you want to hit the long ball, you can also take that route to victory.

Pitching is premium

We know we just said not to use your Diamond choices on pitchers, but that doesn’t mean you want to ignore the position. We’d recommend you make your first Gold pick a pitcher if a decent one is available. You don’t need many starting pitchers, but getting two good ones is very helpful. After that, you can fill out your starting five with worse players because they won’t matter much.

Fill out your bullpen

Once you have your first two pitchers selected, you’ll want to shift focus onto your bullpen. You’re looking for at least a few players that can come in and settle an inning or hold the lead once you get up. The way stamina works also makes these players very helpful for your lineup, so don’t ignore it.

Diversify your lineup

While building out your pitcher rotation, make sure you’re not just choosing players who throw with their right hand. Instead, you want to make sure you’re grabbing a few players who throw with their right and just as many who throw lefty. This will let you easily switch things up on an opponent and target their batter’s weakness. Do the same with your outfield lineup to give yourself a lineup that can’t be countered as easily. We’d also recommend getting some extra speed on your bench to give you a pinch-runner or two when you need them.

Look for Live Series gems

You’re going to get several Live Series players in your picks. These players can go up and down during the year based on their performance. That means some lower-tier cards can get increases to key stats. It’s always worth paying attention to see if a player has a +10 in Contact or some other helpful stat that will help them fill a hole in your lineup. You don’t necessarily have to check every card you come across, but keeping an eye out for these small details can really help when you’re making your Bronze selections.