The best Apex Legends merch

The best merchandise out there for fans of Apex Legends.

Best Apex Merch

Apex Legends has so many fantastic assets in their games, but the official team doesn’t always seem to translate them well to merchandise. With the new release of pretty disappointing season 7 merch, we thought we would take a look at the best merch out there, both official and fannish, that passes the sleek and stylish test. Here are the 10 best pieces of Apex Legends merch.

Apex Legends Sigil Black Snapback Cap

Apex Cap

This simple snapback cap is stealth enough to wear out and about without everyone clocking you for a gamer, but players of the game will recognize the iconic logo.

Apex Rampart Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Rampart shirt

This black and pink Rampart t-shirt is probably the newest t-shirt design that is eye-catching. Introduced in Season 6, take your feisty, trigger happy tank Legend anywhere.

Apex Loba Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Loba shirt

While the rendering on the face could’ve been better, this t-shirt is best graphic design job we have seen from the official team. Anyone up for some shopping?

Legends Change the Game Women’s Zip Hoodie


While this hoodie is labeled as Women’s, anyone can wear it. The fit is very unisex, and comes off very similar to sweatshirts that staff or pro players might wear.

Apex Legends Pin Pack (10-pack)


This cute collectable pin set was calling to us the moment we saw it, though it only has the Legends through Season 2. We would love to see Revenant, Loba, Rampart, or Horizon in a new release.

Nendoroid Wraith Figure


Wraith. Nendo. This one speaks for itself. And yes, you can switch out the eyes to void eyes.

Apex Pillow Plush


These fan-made plush toys are squishable, huggable and lovable. Includes all Legends through Rampart, but Horizon may be added soon.

Apex Legends Chungy Stickers

Apex stickers

Tiny. Cute. Chubby. All of your favorite Legends turned into sickeningly adorable fan-made stickers.

Apex Wraith Heirloom Kunai

Wraith Heirloom

This breathtaking fan-made make of Wraith’s Heirloom is perfect for collectors and cosplay alike, and comes with a leather case and card customized with your gamertag.

Volt SMG Energy Battle Royale 3D Printed Prop

Apex volt

Take home the Volt SMG with this stunning fan-made 3D printed prop. You can choose to buy one to paint yourself, or to order a pre-painted version.

BONUS: Apex Legends Cloth Face Mask (Randomly Selected)

Apex masks

Bonus Round! While these masks are not available for purchase, you can get them by placing an order of $30 or more in official Apex Legends merch. Stay safe!