The best Bond Skills to unlock in Persona 5 Strikers

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The Bond system in Persona 5 Strikers is a marker of how close the Phantom Thieves are. As they grow together as a group, you can unlock Bond abilities that will allow you to improve stats, and make yourself more effective.

The abilities are unlocked with Bond point, earned by completing requests and social events and killing enemies in Jails. It really just becomes about where you want to focus those points. In this guide, we will run through some of the best Bond Skills in Persona 5 Striker.


Bondmaker is the best place to start, and should be maxed out as quickly as possible. This makes it easier to earn Bond Points, improving the system economy and making it easier and quicker to get the other skills you want.

Joker’s Wild

Yes, the game has plenty of characters, but lets not pretend like Joker doesn’t have access to multiple Personas, making him the best one. By ranking up Joker’s Wild, masks will drop more often, giving you a great variety of Personas to use in battle, or fuse together into new Personas.

Oracle Recovery

Playing the game at any kind of difficulty means you will take a bit of a beating in battles. Oracle Recovery will give you back HP and SP after every battle, making those long runs through a Jail much easier.

Metaverse Medic

This skill will improve the effectiveness of healing items. Pretty self explanatory with regard to why this is so helpful.


Ambushing enemies is already important, but this skill will return health every time you ambush an enemy.


This will help you earn more money, which means more items, more ingredients, more weapons, and more gear can all be purchased by the Phantom Thieves.

Cooking Skill

This one is more situational, but some recipes will require you to have a higher Bond skill here, so you might need to dump some points into it.