The best chill profile pictures (PFPs) for Steam, Discord, and more

Take a moment to chill out.

Image via Discord

We all spend a lot of time online, and our profile pictures have become our faces to the rest of the world. Whether on Discord, Steam, or any other online platform, sometimes you want to tell the people you run into that you are a chill person to hang out with. From relaxing anime vibes to bringing everyone’s favorite lo-fi beats to mind.

Best chill profile pictures for Discord, Steam, and more

Here are some of the most chilled-out profile pictures to use on your favorite platforms.

Lofi Girl

Image via Lofi Girl YouTube Channel

Coming from the iconic YouTube channel Lofi Girl, formerly ChilledCow, this picture has become synonymous with lo-fi beats. The character, officially named Jade but more often referred to as Lofi Study Girl, has become the face of the channel, which has streamed consistently since 2017, filling the internet with relaxing music to study or relax to. Many people will instantly recognize the character, which has ample variations depending on the time of year.

Using Lofi Girl as your profile picture on Discord or Steam tells those you are playing with that you’ve got some relaxing tunes on in the background. You got your headphones on so you can keep your anxiety low.

Pokémon in Sunglasses

Image via OLM, Inc.

Ever since the Squirtle Squad rocked up in the original Pokémon anime in 1997, there has been nothing cooler than Pokémon decked out in sunglasses. Pokémon has never had a shortage of cute creatures to choose from, but throw some shades on them, and they take on a whole new level of chill. Whether it is official screenshots from the anime or some of the plethora of fan art that has been created on the subject, there is no shortage of those tiny pocket monsters living their best vacation life. Nothing is more chill than a character bred for battle just hanging out with sunglasses on.

Squirtle raising hands and wearing shadesSquirtle and the gang wearing shades
Squirtle crying and holding Ash upSqirtle with hands on his hips wearing shades
The squirtle gang all wearing sunglassesSquirtle in sunglasses standing next to Ash
Screenshots by Gamepur

Whether you go for the original Squirtle Squad picture or look for your favorite Pokémon wearing sunglasses, you can find the right Discord or Steam profile picture to show the world your chilled-out mood. If you do use fanart you find online, we’d recommend giving the artist proper credit where you can, just to be fair.

Relaxing Sunsets

Image via TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay

We can all use a break sometimes, so setting your profile picture to sunset can be a little reminder of more relaxing days. Sunsets are one of the few natural phenomena that nearly everyone has experienced at some point in their lives; the simple act of taking a moment to watch the sun dip beyond the horizon is enjoyed around the world.

Setting your profile picture to a sunset, whether a photo you’ve found on the internet or one you’ve taken yourself, can give you a chilled vibe on any platform you frequent.

Sleeping Animals

Image via Shingo_No on Pixabay

Let’s be honest, we’d all like to be taking a nap at some point during the day. Unfortunately, we have pesky responsibilities that prevent us from having that blessed siesta on a lazy afternoon. Even if we can’t take a midday snooze, watching animals chilling out and sleeping can be almost as relaxing. Finding a cute animal having a nap is one of life’s great pleasures.

Sleeping PandaSleeping Tiger
Sleeping PenguinSleeping Polar Bear and Cub
Sleeping LemurSleeping Lioness and Cub
Screenshots by Gamepur

You can share that pleasure with your friends on Steam or Discord by setting your profile picture to one of those chilled animals. There is no shortage of photos of sleeping animals to choose from, so you can easily find one that displays your personal vibe.