The Best Cute Profile Pictures (PFPs) for Steam, Discord, & More

From cats to anime, there are so many sources someone could use for a cute profile picture on their Discord or Steam account.

Image via Nintendo

Profile pictures (PFPS) are a window through social media or a forum into seeing who someone truly is. Whether it’s Steam, Discord, or somewhere else, a profile picture’s vibe matters because it represents the user on that platform. Sometimes, nothing demonstrates who a person is better than a cute picture, which they feel is adorable and want others to enjoy. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best cute profile pictures anyone can use on Discord, Steam, their PSN, Xbox Profile, or elsewhere.

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Cute Profile Pictures of Animals From Pixabay

Image via Susann Mielke from Pixabay

Animals and cuteness come hand in hand, and users can find many pictures online for free. On Pixabay, there are a bunch of cat and dog photos anyone can crop down and use as a profile picture. While most are royalty-free, there are a few professional pictures users can opt to pay for and use in their profiles. These higher-quality images are the best of the best, hence their price tag, but they’re also some of the cutest pictures on the site.

Anime Chibi Art Cur eProfile Pictures on DeviantArt

Image via onialgarra on DeviantArt

On DeviantArt, users can scour far and wide for anime chibi art. All users need to do is search for their favorite show, and all the artwork posted by creators will appear. We came across some marvelously cute pieces by onialgarra on DeviantArt. Both artworks above are adorable, as My Hero Academia‘s Deku and Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro have been sized down. Deku shows his pumped-up personality, while Tanjiro shows a laid-back side. It’s essential to credit artists if their artwork is being used, even as a profile picture. They put time and effort into creating these works and deserve recognition in case others want to see more.

Bakugou holding fireFlashy flash holding a sword
Nezuko with bamboo in her mouthYumi using her powers
Illen dressed in pinkMuffy holding arms outstretched
Images via onialgarra

Disney and Star Wars Cute Profile Pictures on Pixabay

Image via J Lloa from Pixabay

Users can find so many Disney and Star Wars pictures on Pixabay, including Funko Pops and old toys. This BB-8 toy reminds us of when he was exploring Tokadana in the forest area around Maz Kanata’s Castle. This is just one example of the hundreds of Star Wars images available to use, including dozens of characters from throughout that universe.

Nintendo Characters by Wusagi2 on DeviantArt

Images via Wusagi2 on DeviantArt

Nintendo’s properties have some of the purest video game characters in the world. Kirby, a pink puffball, is often called cute for his cheeky antics and overall positive attitude; Toon Link is trying to save the world, despite how small he is, while the Kid Icarus: Uprising Pits are adorable on-screen. Wusagi2 drew some incredible fan art, cutely depicting all of these characters as Kirby is blissfully sleeping on Toon Link’s lap, and the two Pits are relatively happy taking a picture together. Fans will likely find some other talented artists on DeviantArt, depicting Nintendo characters in adorable ways. As mentioned above, users must credit these artists when using their works as profile pictures.

Kirby with a haloNintendo family
Boy with a master ballNintendo image by Wusagi2
Nintendo Family 2Dead Zelda and Kirby
Images via Wusagi2

Cute Pokemon Profile Pictures by SeviYummy on DeviantArt

Images via SeviYummy on DeviantArt

It’s hard to think of video games and not jump straight to Pokemon. It has such cute creatures like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and all manner of Pokemon to find in its anime, video games, and trading cards. Any fanatics of the franchise should check out SeviYummy’s art on DeviantArt. They each have a bright style and picture each monster in a charming light. We especially love the one with Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat and smiling. Like the last artist on DeviantArt, we recommend sourcing the artist in the profile description where any images are used in the interest of fairness.

Charizard Cute Squirtle cuteWeedle cute
Ninetails cutePikachu with bubble tea cuteEvee cute
Evee cuteMew cuteGengar cute
Cubone cuteDragonite cuteSnorlax cute
Images via SeviYummy