The best drop locations on Verdansk ’84 in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

Where are we dropping?

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The Verdansk map has changed in Call of Duty: Warzone with the start of season 3. The original, modern day map was nuked as the zombie threat proved to be too much of a threat. When the nuke hit the city, and the dust settled, players discovered that the Verdansk map has been thrown back to the 1980s. Although not too much has changed, there are a handful of new landmarks and buildings added throughout the map that make certain locations better starting points.

When considering where to drop in Call of Duty: Warzone, the plane’s trajectory will matter quite a bit, and this changes for each game.

Best drop locations on Verdansk ’84

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The Summit landmark has taken the place of the Dam. Now, there’s an even bigger valley, with several large buildings with satellites on them full of loot, and a bridge with a railroad that the train uses to connect to the other side of the map. There are several locations you can choose to start here in Season 3, and they’re all solid choices. If you find yourself dropping into the valley after gaining some equipment, you want to make sure to have a long range weapon with you because it’s easy to get caught out by other players that are looking down at you from the edge of the valley.


The airport has been reconstructed in Verdansk ’84. The planes are no longer broken down or destroyed, the building is intact, and the interior has a lot more life to it. There’s less of a chance to find someone on the roof of the building shooting down at you when you’re running around at the bottom. If you land on the roof of the airport, and it can provide with some decent loot, and then you jump off, parachuting to another nearby location.

Factory and Superstore

The factory is a new location on this map, and you’ll find plenty of partially built planes inside the building. It’s across the street from the Superstore, which has also been updated with an 80s theme. The layout is roughly the same, but the visuals are quite different. Landing over at this area can be a bit risky, but there are several buildings you and your team can sneak into to grab enough gear to have a good start to your Warzone match.

Promenade West and East

The Promenade West and East location are good places for you to land. There’s plenty for you to grab, and your team can split up to take multiple buildings, giving you less reason to be in the same room with each other and split gear. Depending on where the plane is flying, it can be a useful start, and you can always run over to the Park or Downtown areas for more gear or additional contracts.


The stadium has changed quite a bit. There’s no longer a roof at this location, making it extremely open. Because it’s much more open, you won’t find as many players landing on the roof, grabbing a decent gun, and sniping at anyone they catch in their scopes. You want to land to the northwest of the stadium, closer to the TV station, where you’ll find plenty of options, and if you happen not to have too much competition at the stadium, there’s still plenty of useful gear you can find inside.


The Array is the new landmark that takes the place of the war camp from the original Verdansk map. There are several buildings you’ve likely seen throughout Verdansk that were placed here, and the new structure is this large array system that’s overlooking the entire area. It’s a good location to serve as a staging point to grab what you need and to decide if you need to go closer to the center, to the north, south, east, or west. There’s a lot of flexibility with this part of the map.

Salt Mine

The Salt Mine has replaced the Quarry. Now, you’ll see fresh piles of white salt scattered throughout the center. There’s a lot of less digging that’s been done during this portion of time, making a much more level location than the Quarry had been. You’ll be able to dip and weave through several of the same buildings. Not too much has changed from this landmark, so we recommend you try to land here if it’s further away from your plane’s flight path, making it a riskier option with plenty of free loot, depending on who follows you.